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Looking for new Sound Lead (and forum changes)


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First an advertisment and then some info. :)

Fortunately for him, but unfortunately for us, our current Sound Lead, Matt Sherman, has become too busy with real life work to lead the Sound Department. Thus we're looking for a new person to fill this position, see below for what qualities we're looking for. A note first however: a huge part of being part of a project like this is communication, so you should be prepared that quite some time will be spent on reading/replying in forums, reading emails, PMs etc.

Sound Lead

You should have solid understanding of sound creation/editing so you can guide other contributors, as well as create sounds yourself if you want to, if necessary you might be required to edit sound clips contributed to maintain a high level of quality. Your tasks will consist of managing the other sound contributors, and their contributions, making sure the world of 0 A.D. sounds as good as it possibly can. Other tasks may include keeping documentation up-to-date, putting the sounds into the game via XML editing, and interacting with the programmers to make sure that sound is implemented in a way that makes the most sense.

Please see the Application form for more info on how to apply for this and other positions.

To try and improve the forum experience we've removed a few forums and added a few new ones:

  • The General Chat forum is now the only forum for topics which are not related to 0 A.D. or Wildfire Games.
  • We've added a new Scenario Design/Map making forum where you can showcase your maps/screenshots as well as discuss how to improve your map making skills.
  • As the game is still in development there's a risk for bugs, if you find them please report them in the Bug reports forum
  • There's also a new Spread 0 A.D. forum where you can discuss how to get the word out to others about the game.

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