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Please welcome our new Open Source Development Manager


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Please welcome our new OS Dev Manager, Andrew Spiering, also known as wacko! Andrew has not only developed mods but also has several years of game industry experience as a software engineer. He will increase the open source community's involvement in developing 0 A.D. and help us organize the development process. He'll break apart tasks, make sure they are updated continuously, see that no one person has to juggle too many of them and generally help us get this game done sooner, which is a good thing.

Still interested in contributing to 0 A.D.? We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are still looking to fill quite a few positions, first and foremost in the programming department:

Programming Positions

  • Computer Graphics Specialists: Work with OpenGL to develop decals, reflection/wave water effects, environment lighting and dynamic shadows, vertex animation, terrain blending, Fog of War / Shroud of Darkness, skyboxes, vertex/pixel shader material framework, or a particle weather system.
  • AI Programmers: Teach a computer how to play a strategy game: gathering resources, laying out a city, building an army and more. Write an extensible framework for people to write their own AI scripts.
  • Gameplay Programmers: Implement the mechanics behind trade, garrisoning, and construction of structures, creating various unit formations, or writing random map scripts.

Aspiring 0 A.D. programmers do not have to submit any applications. Just get started and start contributing code.

Other Positions

  • Sound Effects Specialists: Create original sounds using creative foley techniques and manipulate them using sound editing, without resorting to any commercial sound libraries.
  • Texture Artists: Create textures for 3D models from a concept or reference image. Experience in a photo editing software such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or GIMP is desired. Should be able to work with layers, advanced functions and tools, and alpha layers. 3D experience is not required (but helpful).
  • 3D Artists: Create units, animations, props and structures for the game. The designer must have adequate experience in a mainstream 3D application such as 3DS Max or Blender, be able to properly UV map a model with a given texture, and preferably also know a little bit about animating.
  • Animators: Animate humans, animals, chariots, and other common assets in a realistic and fluid manner. Preferred development tool is 3DS MAX 2009 (but Max 8 or 9 is okay too). Experience with exporting meshes, animations, and skeletons is required as is rigging models for animating. Experience with non-skeletal animating and sprite animations is a plus (this will be a future focus).

Applicants to non-programming roles are encouraged to fill out an application form.

Whether you want to gain experience, get famous or contribute to a noble endeavor -- History is yours for the taking!

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