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I've been making some changes to better support multiplayer, and I think it basically works now (though it's far from perfect). If anyone wants to help test it using the code currently in SVN, feedback would be appreciated!

The host may need to open UDP port 20595 in their NAT/firewall, and will need to tell their IP address to the other players (there's no master server to help players find each other). After that, hopefully it's fairly obvious how to set up multiplayer games. The "techdemo-mp" map has support for up to 8 players and is probably the best one to test on (if you don't mind it being ugly). Cross-platform matches should work (any combination of Windows/Linux/OS X, 32/64-bit, Debug/Release mode, etc). It's possible to run multiple copies of the game on a single computer to test it, though you may need to click "continue" past some warnings on Windows.

There should never be any out-of-sync errors (assuming all players are using exactly the same version of the game) - if you find any then please report what platforms the player were on, the oos_dump.txt files generated for each player, and ideally what actions triggered it.

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When the host game's crashes, the guest player does not seem to get any notice. The game just freezes (still works but time is "stopped") and no message like "Waiting for host" or "Host has left".

You can start games with more players than supported by the map. There could be some "spectation mode" but players should be noticed of that.

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Hmm, I think the clients will get a notification when a network timeout occurs, but that might be a long time (maybe 30 seconds or more). Perhaps it should display a "waiting" message if it goes for 5 seconds without hearing from the host, to let people know what's going on? #513.

Player handling definitely needs improvement - currently the game doesn't even know how many players a map supports, so it'll probably need quite a few changes for that to work nicely. Hopefully that can be fixed soonish :)

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