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Atlas and Civ-making/customizing

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I expect there won't be an automatic tool for creating new civs, since it would be used too rarely to be worthwhile, but all the civs are just controlled by XML files and can be edited with nothing more than a text editor. The game engine code doesn't have a fixed list of civs so there's no restriction on adding new ones. (It won't be easy, but that's because civs require lots of data and lots of art content - it will at least be possible and hopefully we'll avoid artificial barriers as much as possible.)

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Excellent! Perhaps someone possibly could eventually make:

*The Phoenicians/other Semites based on Carthage

*The Scythians/Medians/Babylon out of the Persians (although less so the Scythians, due to their being less urban than the other Iranian civs)

*The Late Republican Romans (the era of Caesar and Pompey) from the early Republicans

*The Etruscans/other Italians from the Romans (and Greeks, especially in the case of the Etruscans)

I know this is a bit of a pipe dream, but I think it is worth mentioning

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