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Sports \ soccer?

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How do people on WFG feel about football (soccer for you Americans)?

Who's gonna watch Champions League finals? Big surprise that Barcelona was beaten by Inter Milano and that there are no English teams in the finals.

It's gonna be a big day, and I read that the CL (Champions League) finals for the first time in history have more viewers that the American Super Bowl. Which makes it the biggest sporting event in the world.

If there are more soccer fans here, my teams are pretty much Tottenham Hotspur in England, and Viking FK in Norway. In Italy I like Milan and in Spain I like Barcelona. But my true feelings are with Tottenham and Viking. A loss or a win for those two teams makes my week good or bad, so there are big emotional aspects in this!

So do you watch football\soccer and which is your favourite team?

And to finish off, I encourage everyone to watch Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur this wednesday. If we (Tottenham) win we'll make it to fourth place which make us ready for Champions League next year!! :)

cheers! ;)

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The..... French? :)

It's a very very great team. However, they did not include Benzema in their squad. Very wierd after my opinion. All their offensive now lies on Henry (which has not been in form lately), Anelka and of course Ribery :)

But they can surprise, even though they BARELY, and I mean VERY barely even made it to South Africa. A foul (Handball) from Henry saved it against Ireland ;)

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Zidane pulled the epic move in his last game for France. So even though it was one of the best moments in football, it was very sad cause he will be remembered for that, instead of the fact that he was the best player in the world for some years.

Well, I hope Argentina, USA and Netherlands will do well. And as everyone else up here I also hope England will do well.

But to be realistic, Spain will probably win (altough Xavi may not play cause of injury). Also Brazil has a very strong squad.

When your own country (Norway) did'nt qualify you change from that one team to several teams because it doesn't really matter that much who wins but it's nice to watch games and have a team in the match that you hope wins.

Anyway, extremely excited, it's not that long. I just cant wait.

Btw, as a Tottenham Hotspur megafan, keep an eye out for Aaron Lennon, winger on England. Also, Ledley King and Tom Huddlestone! ;)

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