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Please read this before posting in this forum

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Please feel free to translate the various documents and pages (and finally the game) we provide, but be aware that things might change and thus your translation might be out-dated.

And that's of course a good warning for everyone who's just reading these resources: While we try to keep the English texts up-to-date we cannot guarantee that the translated texts are. It's up to the community to make sure that any non-English texts stay updated. (Though that doesn't mean that team members who know a certain language won't update things if they are aware of it and want to, just that for us English is the main language of communication and that we'll prioritize it.)

With that said: Feel free to use this forum for different kinds of localization/translation topics! :)

(We thank the author of this post: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12510 for the idea of having a sub-forum for translations :D )

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It might be good to be clearer about which documents are sufficiently stable and useful to be translated. E.g. the OS page is very stable (it's more of a press release, not a continually current description of the game, so it shouldn't ever change (unless any serious errors are found)) and is useful as an introduction to the game and the open sourcing. On the other hand, the build instructions page is not at all stable (we'll often make technical changes during development), and an outdated translation is worse than useless (since it'll lead people into build errors), and we won't be able to keep translations updated, so I think it shouldn't be translated at all. Other pages fall in different places on that scale.

It's hard enough getting the English documentation written and updated at all, so anything that makes that harder (i.e. requiring more manual effort from whoever is writing or updating it) isn't acceptable. But automatic tools (e.g. Trac's wiki page history and diffs) might help a lot, so we should work out how to use those appropriately.

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