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Problem with ./update-workspaces.sh

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I tried to compile the program, but i went into problem when running the command ./update-workspaces.sh

The problem is, my working directory contains spaces, so the path is incorrect. I corrected the script as follow :


# build/workspaces/

mkdir "$workspace_dir" 2>/dev/null

cd "$premake_dir"

# build/premake/

make -C src
HOSTTYPE=$HOSTTYPE ./premake --outpath "$workspace_dir" --atlas --collada "$@" --target gnu

# These files need to be linked; premake makefiles assume that the
# lua file is accessible from the makefile directory

cd "$workspace_dir"
ln -f -s "$premake_dir"/premake.lua "$premake_dir"/functions.lua .
if [ -x "$premake_dir"/premake ]; then
ln -f -s "$premake_dir"/premake .

cd "$start_dir"

I just added some "" around paths.

I hope it helps.

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Committed your fixed version to SVN. Thanks!

Make a diff and open up a ticket. I don't know how active devs are on this forum.

We're more active here than on Trac, though posting patches to Trac is probably a better idea since it reduces the chance of them slipping through cracks.
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