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Introduction to Ancient Greek History

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I recently found this site http://academicearth.org which houses a lot of free video lectures by a lot of good professors (the little I've seen so far is good in any case, and they're from universities like Yale, MIT and Berkely so they should be "fairly good" :D ). Among the courses they have on the site is one called "Introduction to Ancient Greek History", I've only had time to view the introduction so far but I thought it was good enough to share with everyone here, so please take a look if you're into ancient greek history:


(Why would you be here unless you'd be interested in history one may ask =) But sure, I'm not going to say that anyone has to leave in case they're not. I mean I hope one will be able to enjoy playing 0 A.D. even without being into history :) )

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Nice find, Erik. Great site. All they need to do now is to connect it to an online degree system that allows you to take the tests and earn the degree just like you were taking the class. That and add some more courses, of course.

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