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Christmas traditions!

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Hello all. Once again I drop by! :) Good to see some activity on the boards here! ;)

Anyway, I was just thinking about Christmas, and the fact that it is over. And then I was thinking (I think alot.. :)) about how traditions change from country to country and from family to family. Or does it?

Anyway, in my family we always wake up late, go to God's place, the church. After that, we come home where mom is nearly done with the turkey (we always eat that), then we eat, open presents (yeah, in Norway we open presents at Christmas eve, after eating) and then we sit and have a good family time, which in my family happens rarely.

SO, how are things done in YOUR family?`

loooooove <3

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My family attends night service church on Christmas eve, usually around 6pm. Dinner is special, but not always consistent in terms of what we eat. We normally open one or two gifts on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day is when all the "action" happens.

We just took down decorations today, such as the tree and stuff, with some still left up because we just haven't gotten around to it, lol.

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Haha, felt stupid. Didn't see it under your avatar there, I do now however :)

Haha! It's okay, Øyvind. California is weird. ;)

Well, my family's traditions aren't nearly as glamorous as y'all's... we kinda wing it. This year, we just had dinner on Christmas night and opened presents later. Nothing special for dinner, though.

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