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I want to help developing

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Hi, i've reached this site and discovered this OUTSTANDING game, then i saw the video and i can't be more happy to know there are people working in a project like this. :)

The thing is that i would love to help on developing, but i'm actually at university right know (Licenciature in Computer Science) and also working on a Software developing company and i do not have as much time as you ask under the "Job Openings" section... so i wanted to know if i could get an SVN/CVS account and contribute in any way when i have some time to do some work...

i have experience with Blender, C, Python, Panda3D, Ogre, and i'm currently reading and learning about graphic libraries (Qt, wxWidget). I haven't used C++ nor Javascript, but everything can be learned :-P

Also i'm from Argentina, so i'm fluent in spanish for doing translations.

well, that would be all, i hope i can help you with anything in this wonderful project.



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Hola! Bienvenidos Franco! Como estas mi amigo? :) I speak a little Spanish here and there, although perhaps a little familiar in a typically North American way hehe.

Glad to see you here :) You sound quite well studied, and WFG is always looking for talented folks to work on the game. How did you find out about the Project?

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Hola ! estoy bien, gracias :)

In my mission of saying "Adios Microsoft" i'm constantly searching games for linux (that's the only reason i have XP installed in my PC) so i read a lot of "linux gaming" sites here and there... and i think i knew the existence of this game at "linuxjuegos.com".

Thanks for the welcome Paal_101 :)

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Hello Franco,

congratulations on getting rid of MS - I'm trying, but haven't yet kicked the Visual-Studio habit, heh.

Thanks for your interest in being a part of 0 A.D.! Circumstances do look difficult, though - it's definitely understandable that a job keeps you busy. I find that since starting work, I haven't been able to do any serious coding - only smaller fixes and management work. We've noticed over the years that anything less than say a 3h block every two days, plus half an hour a day to keep track of the forum, just isn't productive for programming (hence, 10..15h a week at minimum).

Do you see that differently? In what direction would you be looking to contribute?

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hi again, sorry the lateness, i subscribed to this topic to get answers by mail, but it seems it doesn't work well... i'm trying now that "Enable emain notification of replies?" box under the text area...

Anyway :-P going to your question, yes, i supposed you needed someone that really do continous work, that's why i posted here instead of sending the application (by the way, when i was exploring the site, i reached that form, and the image for writing the verification code was not working, perhaps is my firefox, dunno).

My idea was that when i had some spare time i'll do some things, i don't know, perhaps you have a section of the site with units, buildings, etc artwork, so i select one, do the 3D model and the rigging, then send it to you and if you like it you use it... stuff like that, or bug fixes, typos, etc

Anyway, if i get more spare time in the future, believe me, this is the first thing i will put my mind on XD in the meantime i will be around refreshing the page to see if at some point, a "download" appears :)

and again, congratulations on such a great work...

I have only a question i would like to know... can you tell me the specs of the machine used to do that video ?

Thanks :-)

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(by the way, when i was exploring the site, i reached that form, and the image for writing the verification code was not working, perhaps is my firefox, dunno).
Oops, looks like it broke when we moved to a new server a few days ago. Thanks for the note :)
can you tell me the specs of the machine used to do that video ?
The video wasn't actually rendered in real-time, though I think the game almost can run at that speed and quality on reasonably modern computers (and the graphics can scale back a bit for older hardware). Because of the cost of just saving the video to disk (about 1.5GB for 45 seconds, if I remember correctly), real-time recording doesn't work well, so it was done slowly with the game saving each frame before rendering the next; and since the recorded video is large, it really needs to be done on the same computer that does all the editing and eventual compression; and since I ended up doing the editing, I did the recording too. And since I only have a GeForce 4, which doesn't support the pixels shaders we're currently using for the reflective water (I think that needs GF6 or something?), I used NVIDIA's software emulated rendering mode, which is incredibly slow, so it took about five seconds per frame...

But if I run the game without the fancy water (and without high-res shadows and things, and without trying to record video at the same time), it still works fast enough for me, so I don't feel any need to upgrade my hardware yet :)

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great ! i was afraid i was not going to be able to play it when is out :)

although i hope before 2008 i'll be able to buy an X2 with 2 GB in dual channel and a 8500 GTS :):D

By the way... 5 secs per frame in that quality you think is slow ? i don't think so... :D

ok then... thanks for the reply...

c ya

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