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2007 FIRST Robotics Championship

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Hey guys, I've been quite busy lately with school and college apps... and robotics. So that's what I've been up to. :)

I'm in the school robotics club this year (my final) and we built a robot for the FIRST competition. It is for high school students and their mentors to compete in. Our basic robot design was to pick to these inner tubes and move around to a rack to place them to earn points with team members and an opposing team. All teams were given 6 weeks to work on the robot, after that they must be shipped to their regional. We competed in the Los Angles Regional along with 52 other teams. Through out March about a thousand other teams were competing in other regionals in their states.

Anyway, so we went to the LA Sports Arena to compete. It was our school's rookie year for this whole thing, so were were still learning how the whole process works. We went through the competitions and got into the quarter finals! 11th out of 52 teams total, which was a great surprise for us. But... we happened to win two awards while we were there: the All Star Rookie Award and the Highest Rookie Seed award. The All Star Award guaranteed us a spot in Atlanta for the Championship!!! As you might imagine we were so beyond excited that we got this far, the next step was fund raising for the next entrance fee. Anyone who's been in this before, or any other club, knows that it takes a lot of money! The costs for our project were $6000 (entrance fee and basic parts kit), $5000 (entering LA Regional), $5000 (entering Atlanta), plus hundreds extra for food and supplies.

I'm the self proclaimed photographer for our group ( :P ) and I've taken hundreds of pictures of our progress, a few of them are online if you guys would like to check them out.

So almost all of next week we'll be in Atlanta (4/12-4/14)! If you guys would like to check out, here's some links below. Btw, our team number is 2272! We are known as the "Metalhead" (not my first choice for the name) from Conejo Valley Robotics.

FIRST 2007 Atlanta homepage

NASA Webcast

My Flickr account of photos (Click on LA Regionals for our competition, each image has a full size 10mp image for download)

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