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Backscape does not work on the Cyrillic keyboard layout.


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I noticed that when writing a message in the chat, I cannot erase it with the backscape button if I write from the Cyrillic layout after switching from the English layout. In general, typing in a chat in Cyrillic layout works very strangely and backscape can sometimes unpredictably erase the entire line of words. This bug often manifests itself when you try to delete the typed text after pressing the change layout with the "Win+Space" combination.

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Thanks for the report, Feldspar. Can you please create a bug tracker ticket for the bug on Trac and fill out this form there.


Expected results: 

Actual results: 

Steps to reproduce the symptoms: 

Computing Environnment (OS brand and version, hardware, relevant driver version and other software versions): 

Relevant logs, files that reproduce the symptoms, screenshots, etc.: 


I have already checked for an existing bug report that matches the symptoms. The closest that I could find with a quick search was #511. Apparently Unicode is related to the implementation of Ctrl+Backspace, which deletes entire words, so it could be a clue about what's going on here. Also, please test with delete instead of backspace.

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