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Hi, I'm me

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I've been reading these forums for a while now, also read all their is to read about the game and even some of the history articles :)

Now, I'm just saying hello, good job and all that and asking if the ai will be scriptable, like in AoK?

I script for age of kings at the moment and I think that once you have the "engine" (I don't know what else to call it) and scripting language out, then you could send them over to aiscripters.com and The community there would probably love to get started on it (at least I will).

I don't program much else, I have a little bit of python under my belt but that's about it.

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Hmm, "Introductions" seems to be hard to find if you just follow the 0 A.D. forum links... But even vaguely game-related topics should be fine in 0 A.D. General Etc anyway :)

if the ai will be scriptable, like in AoK?

It will be scriptable, though I don't know how like AoK - we're using JavaScript instead of whatever AoK has (it kind of looks like Lisp plus the C preprocessor?), so I guess it'll be more procedural than declarative... But I know very little about the AI (and I think we have lots of work left to make high-level AI work nicely, so the design is not finalised yet), so I can't say anything very useful ;)

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