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Hello there.

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Did you send it to all of us? I know it may sound very strange, but I still haven't received anything from you. Is is possible your email is being caught by a spam filter? If you could perhaps share an instant messenger account with us via a forum private message or some other means - we could perhaps troubleshoot this disconnect. I'm really sorry for all the trouble you are going through to get a simple application pushed through :shrug:

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It's really strange, because your test app got through. Maybe there's some incredibly smart content-aware filter. I'll try to MSN you, but please send a PM to me, Wijitmaker and janwas. Sorry for putting you through all this trouble but we really do need to see that application :shrug:.

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I just want to say, I am extremely stoked and honored to be a part of the team! This has really made my day! I very excited to start. Thank you again to everyone I talked to. It's a great honor to be working with you all!

...and wow! there is soooo much information to read. x_x I'm so overwhelmed LOL.

If this was teh wrong forum to post this, then please disregard and/or delete. Thanks.

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