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Found 1 result

  1. Hey gents, so I’ve been playing around with atlas, but not getting very far. So Im a stickler for 99% Accuracy in practically everything I do, so in discovering the height-map import feature (1% for human error margin) I've decided to start the mapping things game. I used to make maps for AoM So most everything is familiar to me, but height-maps are a mystery. (in non important ways) Firstly, some questions What are the Pixel X Pixel resolutions for the tiny ; small ; medium ; normal ; large ; very large ; giant map sizes? I dont want to deviate TOO much from the in-house sizes, i just want to use heightmaps for 99% accurate syncronised map techniques I.E making 4 hills exact same height, size, and in a perfect symmetrical locations from each other Is there a good heightmap program i can use (in linux! Wine hates me at the moment) Gimp can only do me so good. Speaking of gimp..... I've noticed maps export .XML Files, which the latest gimp has a boner for, can these be opened in GIMP itself? Nope, and it's XFC, not XML. *facedesk* also. assuming there is no usable heightmap program for my personal preferences, is there a pallet of colors i can choose to match specific heights? Currently all i know is black is bottom, white is top, perfect gray is in the middle. oh and, this is just for base, i want a near perfect pallet to detail-ize in atlas itself.
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