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Found 1 result

  1. Hi , Im working on .... Carthage : 7 players of 50 pop limit --> 6 districts + 1 army of 50 mercenary champs VS Rome : 1 player of 500 pop limit mostly invading by sea (like survival of fittest) + nubians troops coming from desert I'm using the elevation terrain hack to put some buildings on top of others and make them look like merged in order to have unique structures (below, the 5 houses produces those 5 females with no evacuation problem) Rome will invade with RAMS, but will not be able to crush the Carthage walls everywhere (terrain elevation as unbreakable wall and platform for bolt-lozaa ) If Rome is in the walls .. Some places will be used to make good retreats for those 5 noobs Gauls, Athenians, Iberians, all different but their HATE of Rome on their face Even if the map could be used to be playable, i want to go into the new camera function in 0ad22 to make great cinematics in the narrow streets of carthage during invasion action . (to make a SUPER promotional trailer of 0ad) Also, for the sake of global interests, it would be nice to have a 3D map of carthage which could be used , i.e , for any TV documentary For this, Carthage has to be fulled with contents to give it a living appareance. FEEL FREE to WORK on it and make updates on this thread the pmp https://ufile.io/6vgn1 the xml https://ufile.io/xwqlc
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