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  1. No matter how you look at it piracy is no different from stealing. The fact that so many people download games, music and movies is simply that it's so darn easy to do without running any risk of being caught. If anything you'd expect people to have some sort of moral objections to it but since the industry is not much different from any other common criminal nobody really cares.
  2. I used fraps to record, virtualdub to join the different parts (it makes a new file after about 4gb) and encoded with h264 encoder. Thats a pretty nice video you have there too By the way, i thought the atlas recorder didnt work?
  3. Heres some randomness i recorded. Mostly as a test to see how well my rig would handle screencaptures. The original recording was made in 1920x1080 @ 30fps. I then converted it to h264 in 1280x720. Runs pretty smooth if you ask me... http://mfn-music.com/misc/0ad.mp4 (190mb)
  4. I didnt look at the version to be honest. This one came with Adobe Audition which i use to convert wav files to mp3, ogg, or whatever. The quality 7 is a default value, i never really bothered lowering it . When i'm home again (at work now) i'll have a look and try some more settings. And yes, i do have good headphones (Sony MDR-7506
  5. 64kb bitrate for music is too low. ok for speech and some sound effects maybe but not music. I usually encode oggs at 48kHz at quality level 7 vbr. Which gives an average of 230-240kb/s and a filesize of just under 2mb for a 60 second clip. Flac at 50% compression turns a 50 second clip into a 9.3 mb file with a bitrate of 1563kb/s from a 23,5 mb .wav at 3072 kb/s In ogg that same file ends up being a 1.4 mb file with a 224 nominal bitrate at, for most people, no noticable loss of quality.
  6. Made a typo and copied it wrong...they should work now.
  7. Just started on something that took a somewhat different turn than what i had in my head. I was thinking a close-up scene panning over one army, then the other, then while it zooms out the music breaks for a bit and then some dramatic finale with the 2 of em going at eachother. Somehow i ended up adding an electric guitar and some other electro stuff to it. This one is probably too 'modern' or just downright odd: http://mfn-music.com/music/0ad/new.ogg And this is something slightly different but something im not too sure on being suitable either: http://mfn-music.com/music//0ad/new2.ogg Thought i'd post em anyway. So here ye have it.
  8. Im still kinda missing fish and such for in the water and bigger rocks. Any chance of putting some of those in?
  9. thanks, guess ill go make another then
  10. Been playing with the map editor a bit, here's the result: http://mfn-music.com/misc/Mediterranean_Hills.zip Screenshot: http://mfn-music.com/misc/screenie.jpg If it recieves any positive feedback i might make some more
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