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  1. Well, it's not unlikely, in small imagined colony-war in a historical setting, that warfare both on land and sea is used (flanking and ambushes as an example).
  2. Aldandil, concerning the Etruscans, it would be more correct to represent them with Greeks, as they fought in the traditional phalanx with an approximate Hoplite armour, just as the Romans did at the time when the Etruscians ruled Italy. I think it was Plutarch who mentioned that incident on Sicily in the life of Themistocles, as to explain why Syracuse hadn't sent any troops or ships. Though, he didn't say it was an 'order,' merely a conspiracy. Oh, and Corinth founded Syracuse.
  3. If you desperately want a Greek tutorial, doing a colony would certainly be much better than Athens in terms of making it a "tutorial." Sicily did have some natives and Carthaginian colonies, so make a small tutorial with some small friction between towns, could include most aspects of this game in one mission. Not a bad idea at all.
  4. That picture of an hoplite is a recreation of an hoplite from 400-200 BC, the Corinthian Helmet was in use at the time of the start of this game (around 500BC). I won't rule out the possibility of making several helmets they can shuffle between, but the Corinthian helmet is definitely the correct one for this game. Besides, it looks cooler. Edit: I forgot to point to this one: http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/page.php?c=46
  5. Thanks for helping me on the Greek grammar, SMST. I barely know the letters, really. I will do some more research on the background of several large cities. My current knowledge is limited to remembering names, battles and wars (talking about the Spartans, I was thinking about Pausinias and the Second Greek-Persian war, but Spartan operation was halted when Pausinias grew corrupt. How I didn't manage to express that, is incredible. ) I will later forward some of my thoughts on factions, strenghts and weaknesses, technology, etc. on a PM to you, but I won't start modding seriously until probably late-alpha or beta stage. Because I'll probably need much time to plan this well, get done with school etc. And probably to gather support, because even though I know how to modify xml tags, that's about it. I have next to no skill in graphical art.
  6. Well, first I thought about was this one: During his Gallic Wars, Julius Caesar invaded Britain twice, in 55 and 54 BC.[1] The first invasion, made late in summer, was either intended as a full invasion (in which case it was unsuccessful - it gained a beachhead on the coast of Kent but achieved little else) - Wikipedia Little is really known about any battles, except that the tribune sent there really didn't dare make an expansion there, so a Briton campaign with some tribal war, then ending with kicking the Romans back on their boat, could easily be swallowed as historical enough. The article on Wikipedia is quite good, with quotes from different historical sources. I thought about the first invasion in 55 BC. Now, this is getting interesting. Unfortunately, the Britons lost in the long term due to poor management, but they were certainly fierce warriors, and offered much resistance. With some imagination... I've been planning what I call "Koinon Hoplitai," meaning something like "Common Soldiers" in Koiné. It will revolve around the history of Hoplites, from the peak of Corinth (800BC), until Roman domination over Greece. I planned quite much for each city state (+ Persian Wars), but I won't include the quest of Alexander the Great, since it was out in the far East. I will include what was going on in Greece at that time, though. Sorry, my fault. I thought about that the Spartans sent a "delegation," but that was to support the Ionians. Or something along those lines.
  7. Hi again, and especially to you SMST, since this primarly is an answer to you regarding the campaign ideas: Concerning my tutorial idea, I meant you should play as Camillus and retake Rome from Brennus, not take Rome as Brennus. There was no siege of Rome, Brennus simply walked through the empty gates, pillaging as they went (Plutarch) since the Romans had mostly evacuated. Camillus meanwhile built up a force from another city (I think it was Veii) and was later joined by Roman deserters from an earlier battle, and in a later pitched battle outside Rome, won a decisive victory, and Brennus were killed. Your idea for Boudica is quite interesting. I find myself liking the thought of it much more now that you've explained your vision a bit more. The "rise of Athens" was very long expansion: first as the dominant force in Attica, then in all of Greece, except the Peloponnese, then as a colonial power, and finally as a naval force, that practically defeated the Persians. Now, the problem I see about this, isn't where to start or end, but where to limit this to a tutorial. It would be so much better as a campaign (with occasional tips as new things are added to the gameplay). I could find myself doing a total conversion later on, with all eyes set on Greece and modern day Turkey, playing out the "Age of Hellenism." Just because I'm a total nerd about Anicent Greece. That's all for now. Oh, concerning: Perhaps you mean Darius/Xerxes? I seem to recall those were the Persian kings who struggled with the Dorians.
  8. How about making a Yuezhi or a Xiongnu faction? Horse Archers would be dominant of course...
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to this boards, but have known about 0 A.D. for a while. I have this grand idea for an awesome Hellenic campaign which will have everything from the quarrels between the poleis, the colonization era, Greco-Persian war etc. Would I (probably in later stages of this game) be allowed to create such a campaign as a sort of add-on for us Hellenic-fans? Here follows some comments to the first post of this thread, since that's why I really registered here: Don't think this would be a bit massive as a tutorial, but better off as a "first campaign?" I would suggest a smaller scenario such as retaking Rome from Celts under Brennus as a tutorial, while your suggestion works better as an introduction to sea-warfare. Boudica, winning? Just as realistic as the Persians defeating Alexander. If you want the Britons to win, how about the first Roman attempt at invading the island? It was a humiliating defeat for the Romans, and an epic win for the Britons. They would cling on to the memory of this when attempting to break free from oppression later. Oh, and I'll slap myself around to write an introduction later.
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