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  1. lol, glad to have left some sort of mark then? I am sorry to go, I like the idea behind the project, freeware from hobbiests, but the upfront idea is what I forced myself to overlook. I don't like history much and yet I was to devote my time to a historical RTS? Sounds kinda like a...stupid thing to do, eh? I hope to see this project completed sometime in the future. Farewell good people.
  2. Well, this sucks guys. Looking at my life, I've realized that I'm into this project for the wrong reasons, and I'm not enjoying myself because it doesn't strike my interest like most games do. I've found myself making a new project from my 2D engine. I also can't devote myself to any project, because I realized there are some other things that are more important, first and foremost, my girlfriend. I'm sorry to have jumped into this just to turn around and back out a week later, but these have been hectic times for me. I'm truly sorry that I did this, but I wish you guys the best of luck with the project and I can't wait to see the finished product.
  3. Man, I shoulda read this post first Fire =P Regardless of the lack of Egyptians, I think I'm going to start an Egyptian Faction just to counteract the Roman Faction with their superior mathematical skills WHO'S WITH ME?!? *crowd remains silent* Well, @#$! I tried. *shrugs*
  4. Yah, I think I do know where that's at. Do you know where Sprayberry High School is? That's where I live, about 2 minutes from it, that is
  5. I live in Marietta, near Kennesaw. What did you do on the team before? Programming, art, etc.? Edit: Erm, I just figured out you're an artist from your "Graduation" post, heh.
  6. Awesome. Glad to be with you guys, can't wait to get started. Hopefully my school and girlfriend wont take too much of my time away from this project, cuz I'm excited.
  7. I like the Egyptians, purely due to their being the first mathematicians we have on record. I did a whole presentation on Ancient Mathematics in my Ancient Civilizations class at school. It was frickin awesome.
  8. Haha, thanks Argalius and SoggyFrog. Glad to meet ya both
  9. Hey guys. I'm the new C++ Programmer here at WFG. Haven't been an active member of the forums, even though I had heard about the game a year ago. I started working on my own project because I didn't think WFG was taking on new members...apparently I was wrong. My other project(almost completed) is available until sometime in June/July at Xiero Games. There's not much to the currently available version, but as soon as I get a couple of hours to finish up the Tutorials for the new version, it'll be available. My presence will most definitely be felt within this community, because I'm a team player and I enjoy socializing with fellow nerdlings whenever possible. I would write more here, but I need sleep and my bio is available on WFG's site here.
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