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  1. Took some mucking about, but I got it working I downloaded the 2.49a (Ubuntu deb) version of blender and it was insistent on having python 2.5, I gave in, installed 2.5 and voila, working import! Now to see if I can do anything with this ---- edit: It's not as sunny as I hoped it was celt_char_a.dae works, but so far the bigger files give the same errors as before
  2. Olelukole, I'm just going on a whim here.. did you install any specifics maybe? A Python lib? And which version of Python do you have? I have been using the 1.4 version of the Collada import.. I'm glad to see it worked though, that's good news in regards to getting it working on my end as well
  3. I played around a bit more and Sketchup Pro 7 and Photoshop CS4 with it's (limited) 3D capabilities both fail to import the files as well.. I really hope there's someone who can share some insight
  4. Hello, I'm having trouble opening one of the existing models in Blender. I'm interested in playing around with it for a little before trying to make something completely new and sending it in. Any chance anyone can give some hints? This is the error I get when opening one of the .dae files: Compiled with Python version 2.6.2. Checking for installed Python... got it! In BPY_call_importloader(name=/home/sekret/0.AD/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/art/meshes/structural/hele_tric.dae) FEEDBACK: Illusoft Collada 1.4 Plugin v0.3.160 started Traceback (m
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