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  1. I was originally going to create my game using the Glest engine but they have an about screen in the main menu thats has ONLY their names. So I decided not to use it because if people played MY mod, the devs names would get all the credit and my name would never be mentioned. Maybe you could credit yourselves like have a splash screen saying "Made with 0 AD" because I just think it's wrong to permanently have your names in the credits even though it was the modders who did most of the work (game wise, not engine) So if you want to credit yourselves, please put your names in the credits under "Original Engine" Then have a spot for credits for the Mod. PS: Sorry for rambling
  2. Will the main menu have little splash screens before it? Like "Visit www.wildfiregames.com/0ad" then it will go into the main menu. If so, can we edit them? I wouldn't want to make a mod out of it and still have splash screens advertising you. Forgive me if that sounds selfish. If you have ever played Glest (a free RTS) you will know what I'm talking about.
  3. How about this. The pop cap depends on how many players are playing. If 8 people are playing then each player can have maybe 200 units. If only two people are playing, you can have around 500. Just a thought.
  4. well, perhaps it could be in an expansion?
  5. well, there are two options for airplanes. One would be to have them attack a target and immediately return to base or you could make them attack a target then fly in a circle until they either run out of fuel or you command them to move/attack something else
  6. Will you have an airplane system for mods? Such as they take off, attack, and automatically return to base.
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