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  1. Take a look at these sites for Gaulish vocab. There are plenty of useful words. For example, "catu" = "battle" and "bagaudas" = "guerrillas". http://www.websters-online-dictionary.org/...lation/Gaulish/ http://www.wordgumbo.com/ie/cmp/gaul.htm In addition, Gaulish is close to both Latin and the modern Gaelic languages so a little reconstruction can't be that hard.
  2. I am sorry for the mistake. Hahaha now who's the one who doesn't know their grammar? Once again, I don't mean to be annoying with these little things. I just want the game at its best potential.
  3. ...but Germanic isn't a noun, it's a verb. If you are referring to a warrior, he is Germanic but he isn't a Germanic. He's a German. His men are Germans, not Germanics. I keep seeing Germanics throughout the site so I thought it was worth throwing this out there for the game designers to see.
  4. True. Not everything can be perfect anyway. I am just a perfectionist and I can't help it.
  5. True but then what would you call citisens of Judea?
  6. I hate to annoy you guys with another question, but will the player be able to choose what sub-faction the AI will select? I don't like being picky like this, but if I am having a battle with the Celts over Gaul, I would not want them to choose the Britons.
  7. You know it's too bad the Cherusci Germans (not Germanics) were not as important as the other Germanic tribes. Then we can have the Battle of Teutoburg Forest with Arminius as the Cherusci hero. But oh well...
  8. You know how I mentioned Scythians before? Well I never really thought into the Sarmatians as Scythians. Hahaha looks like I will get my way anyway (if Scipii_Alemanus has his way)! : P Sorry if this is off topic, but can you choose your/the computer's subfaction before the match begins? Thanks.
  9. Yeah I thought that's what you meant. There are so many German tribes that it can make one's head spin!
  10. Yeah I understand the concept. But who would the Germans be a sub-faction of?
  11. The Germans played a key role during the second half of Rome's existence. All those raiders would be rolling in their graves if they heard you!
  12. Hm I like this. I'm not too crazy on having another Iranian faction though. Also, I can't make my mind up on Byzantium. I do not know much about the Dacians but from what I have read they sound good enough to put in the game. At least we can agree on the Germans (infantry?) and the Huns.
  13. I like it, but why waste time with all the Germanic groups? They are probably going to make the Germans a civilisation anyway. Also, I think Carthage may have been a Berber state. I mean look at the location. Just my opinion however.
  14. Ha I forgot about that one. But then again it's kind of a given.
  15. First off, I mean the black Africans, such as the Nubians (the Persians have little to do with Africa besides holding Egypt for a little). Second off, I said the Gaels (known as the Scoti in Latin). The Gauls were Celts like the Gaels, Britons, Picts, and Galations (who I am adding to the list). Their is a Jewish ethnicity, and the story of Hanukkah comes from the Jewish war with the Greeks. There were always Arabs, and there were always Turks. The Persians have been battling Arabs long before Muhammad's rise to power. The Turks have been raiding Greek, Chinese and Persians alike for centuries
  16. 0 A.D. Part II? Sounds great. My Suggested Civilisation List -Africans -Arabs -Babylonians -Egyptians -Gaels (Celts with a raider navy) -Galatians -Germans (including Scandinavians) -Huns -Jews -Phoenicians -Picts (Celts of Caledonia, the naked blue ones) -Slavs -Scythians -Turks (Turkic people in general) *Of these I think the Egyptians, Germans and Huns are the most important
  17. A.D.- Anno Domini. This means "in the year of our Lord". I love Latin.
  18. I like this a lot. It good to hear from someone with interests with the Irish people. Also it is interesting to see all about the Christianisation of the island, which is a vital part in Irish history. This should more or less be about the Gaels who the Romans called the 'Scoti'. You see, there were many "invasions" including many semi-mythical people. These included groups such as the Tuatha Dé Danann, the Formorians and the Fir Bolg. Eventually a Celtic people called the Milesians invaded and overwhelmed the Tuatha Dé Danann. The Milesians eventually became the majority. After they were call
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