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  1. At first I had cleaned everything, now I keep the new exe file
  2. finally I found the mods folder here:C:\Users\(my name)\Documents\My Games\0ad\ , I deleted the folder "Oad" and everything was back to normal, i can play the new version now after downloading it again. Thanks for your help @Gurken Khan@Stan`@nani, maybe it will help @Sevda
  3. Thanks Gurken and Stan, i look for I'll come back if I finally find
  4. Hello, I can't access mods through the interface and in ... AppData\Local\0 A.D there are no ... binaries\data\mods either
  5. I can't access to the mods page. I just downloaded the latest version and opened all the mods to test them. I downloaded other versions of the game up to 2018 but the error is still present. (Windows 11) Thanks for all
  6. Same like Sevda. A soluce for this problem please ? After a lot of years i can't play now. Help ! Thanks
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