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  1. Selucids covered ram can not pass through the palisade gate :/
  2. Well, I haven't tried surrounding the AI with palisade completely - I don't know what it would do then, but I think it's fair to assume it wouldn't touch the walls at all. For now I am funnelling the AI to where I am prepared to fight - which I think is an unfair advantage. Also, why doesn't the AI touch neutral walls at all - before it has had the chance to expand and take over control of it? Can it recognize the difference between walls which are part of the map design and the ones I place as the human player?
  3. I was thinking the same thing - but my logic was that the AI needs a structure placement in order to "attract" builders there. I might be wrong - in which case your suggestion does sound better. Get a builder close to the future build site - and only start construction then. Thanks for clearing up the resources lost part of my question.
  4. Hi, second topic before I forget. To clarify a bit, the AI plops down a civic centre on my side of the river and the builders are yet to arrive. They have to take the loooong way round, so there is time before I notice anything at first. But, I can actually see what is going to get built there (due to vision from a nearby outpost) - so I simply send a scout cavalry to deal with it with one hit. - The AI keeps doing this and I keep one hitting it. Is the AI bleeding resources this way? - Could the solution be to have the future placement of AI structures invisible to the human player - until the first building animation progress is made? This way I would only notice the stream of builders coming in and would have to deal with them once they are knocking at the door. Although, thinking about it - the invisible placement should be able to block placing my own structures down on the same spot - so it could be possible to detect where the AI is trying to build. But maybe make it impossible to deal damage to an invisible 0 HP structure - and maybe set a timeout so if the AI is unable to reach the spot with the builders for some time (if I keep intercepting them) - then it auto cancels (and regains the resources). - What do you think? Thoughts, suggestions.
  5. Hello, nice game you have here - been playing it on and off for a while now. Keep up the good work. Now, the topic is about palisade walls and how the AI is not able to handle the exploit I discovered last night. Perhaps it is already familiar to you? Anyway, you build a palisade wall in neutral territory sealing off a particular approach. The AI keeps expanding and takes over ownership of the palisade some time later. It changes from neutral to AI ownership - and the AI still keeps it intact - leaving my completely undefended approach safe forever. Well, as long as I don't attack the wall myself - when the time is right. - Could the AI handle this a bit better? Perhaps simply building gates in the existing walls once it assumes ownership?
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