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  1. could replace with "阙que" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Que_(tower) Stone structure (pillar or tower) build in pairs outside the gate of city or building to express rank and prestige...
  2. ymming

    Han China

    Hi, some suggestion here: the "sign board" thing on the town center, barrack and other building can actually be removed as the “sign board" were started to be popular on Tang/Song dynasty. The word "大雄宝殿 da xiong bao dian" will ONLY be used on Buddhist temple (usually on the main temple) Another suggestion for the Han building is adding "阙que" (stone pillars gate) on some main building like town center, fortress, wonders. As the "que" structure were greatly used in the Han dynasty.
  3. To reply the post "Balancing the Han civ for A26" Cant reply to the balancing thread like above. Han dynasty often use "戟Jǐ" (English translation as polearm/halberd) which makes them develop "手戟 shou ji" (hand halberd for direct translation), weapon for melee or throwing which became very popular during the late Han "three dynasty" period as most of these weapon were recorded on 《三国志》san guo zhi. Another weapon which very similar to javelin is "鋋chán" used in melee and throwing, but clear evidence for its used as javelin were very had to find....so I will just skip it on here. So, for the mid rage unit I am agree with @wowgetoffyourcellphone using the crossbow. Like other civ, javelin and sling are usually one of the starting infantry (mid rage citizen solder). For a normal crossbow could be easily used by citizen compared a bow which need much more training. For the question: "4. Switching champions - a fun idea, but might be a bit too expensive to unlock" Would it possible to make the second weapon unlocked by "gaining exp/ ranking up" through dealing damage and garrison in barrack/fortress/tower/town hall ?
  4. Hi everyone, I am in a great addiction to the game recently (start playing from A23) and started to read the forum until I found this topic. I read through all the post and I found this game is not only working on each civilization balance but also on the historical accuracy (which surprised me and like to pay great respect to the development team). I have great interest on the Chinese history especially on the Zhou dynasty (which splits to the "spring and autumn" and “Warring state” period) then united by "Qin" and overthrown by "Han". For the militaries unit maybe could get some reference from the "Trrracotta Army" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terracotta_Army which may be more accuracy to the history, since they were built on that time and preserved till date. A whole standard unify army was made include infantry(spear, sword, halberd, gagger-axe"ge", bow and crossbow), calvary, armored warrior, chariot, militaries officer etc. Compared to Han army, will not be that unified as most of their war are against the Xiong Nu which have differ from the mainland army and other regions (which could be seen during the "three kingdom" period).
  5. I reinstalled the game and tried today, and the error dint showed up. By setting the graphic card to high the game can be normally launch. (crashed when using power-saving mode or auto)
  6. is all the red error at the up left while in the game normal?
  7. Really thanks you guys. I can now play with my friends!!! I wonder could this game be promote to steam/ epicgames to let more people to get know about this great game?
  8. yes!! this method works!! need to access the game with high performance. Thankyou all!!!!
  9. i think just one, because its a laptop
  10. is my method correct? because still cant launch
  11. the only difference is the background turn white....
  12. i also tried to launch the game after disabling the antivirus, still no luck.
  13. yes, i only have one disk. the game is installed in the same location as A24. I also tried remove all the old files from A24 and reinstall A25, but still not working.
  14. nothing changed. same crash
  15. @vladislavbelov yes, it crash immediately
  16. @Angen i added preferglsl = "false" in the user.cfg file, but still the same. user.cfg
  17. mainlog.html yes, im from facebook
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