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  1. Sure, but it still does not change between attacking a specific target or self-defense. Makes no sense being killed from behind while attacking a house in front, because self-preservation is missing...
  2. Shouldn't there be a general option per Unit to either prefer self-defense or attack that governs this?
  3. WiFi, 5Ghz, Ubiquiti access point in the same room. Yes, also with one AI only, the last logs I posted have 2 humans against one AI. (the host is an i7 and the other box a Ryzen 7, both 16GB of RAM) We only played AI opponents so far. cheers afx
  4. I did not try anything but play with two players against 2 AIs. I just get OoS errors and a popup informing me about them and the inability to rejoin, here is the latest session, logs from host and client. I had that occasionally with a24, but with a25 it is nearly every game. cheers afx logs-host.7z logs-client.7z
  5. I quite often get Out Of Sync Errors on a local multiplayer game 2 users against 2 AI opponents, both machines are windows based. Hopefully the logs are useful. ciao afx logs.7z
  6. The game settings are not persistent between the campaigns, resource limitations, speed, etc. are always reset. cheers afx
  7. Hi, so why are all downloads of the second build failing for me? Windows, two totally different boxes, FF and Edge. thx afx
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