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  1. For enemies hp bars I'm checking out the recalculateStatusBarDisplay function in public\gui\session.
  2. - Lowered voices and selection sounds for buildings and resources down to 10%. This way, notifications stand out from the rest of Action volume slider sounds. Behind the scenes: changed 2 numbers in 151 txt files. I'm sure there was a simpler way, so let me know! lower_voices.zip
  3. Alternatively, since there are sound notifications upon finishing buildings, technologies and units, playing with sound should do. Problem is, those notifications are in the same category Action as selection sounds and voices, which are much more repetitive, so I'm working on turning down Gain to 0.1 for the latter. I also found that RandGain must be 0 for the change to take effect. 0 exp in modding, but here we go..
  4. Is there a mod for this? I'm interested in your own events notifications: buildings built, technologies researched, units produced. I would definitely use the complete list of notifications if possible just like in the image, mainly because sometimes I forget what I started, typically during battles.
  5. 1) Is it possible? 2) Also, the hotkey for your own units toggles it for buildings as well, is there a way to see hp only above units? So walls don't become the star of the screen. Let me know if there is a better place to post this kind of questions. Thanks!
  6. Yes! All units with their colors but a bit lighter than the selected ones, it's perfect. I hope many with this preference find this mod too. Thank you!
  7. I think it would be positive for some players to have the option to add those color circles at the feet of all units, own and enemies, not only when selected but all the time. Mainly because some terrains are really good at disguising units (except when hidden silhouettes are enabled). Just an option, disabled by default.
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