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  1. Thanks a lot for quick reply, I've included the patch in Fedora package: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/mozjs78/c/15ae20d569f6d11894a1e2fc29169d10432dfb6a?branch=rawhide . However, fun doesn't end here, it seems something has changed in between mozjs78.6 and mozjs78.8: ./../../source/scriptinterface/ScriptContext.cpp: In member function 'void ScriptContext::UnRegisterRealm(JS::Realm*)': ../../../source/scriptinterface/ScriptContext.cpp:136:46: error: cannot convert 'JS::Zone*' to 'JSContext*' 136 | JS::PrepareZoneForGC(js::GetRealmZone(realm)); |
  2. Hi, I am maintainer of mozjs78 in Fedora. Can you add a patch to that ticket? Or provide a link to that patch if it's somewhere in 0ad's repo? I'll happily include a patch for this in Fedora package. Thanks!
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