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  1. Spain is a fusion center of Iberian and Celtic culture. I can say a hundred historians cannot name the exact points or reasons for the mixing of these cultures. Historians use the term trade assimilation. I recently read the book Queer Iberia and I can say that these people had similarities with the people of the Caucasus. The first historical reports were about the Iberians of the Caucasus. I found several modern reports https://edusson.com/write-my-book-report on this site. The Iberians of the Caucasus did not exist. It was a different people who knew how to process copper, but not so jewelry. The real Iberians assimilated with the Greeks and European peoples. Archaeologists find Iberian relics in central and western Europe.
  2. I have found similar individual ornamental objects in the Scandinavian countries. I know that the Scythians loved to decorate their horses with gold and copper stirrups and saddles. This is a literary fact because Vikenty Khvoika wrote about this time. I recently read archival documents about the Scythian burials and riches of this nomadic people.
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