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  1. Logging gives very little information that is useful: the ip ranges won't be from the attacker, instead - for ddos at least - it's just a list of infected people. The attacker never really connects to you, they'll be sitting high and dry and let infected hosts attack you.
  2. So it is decided this game removes all arcadeness and goes for "realism" instead of "ability to play a game"? That's sad, I'd like to see more into individual units and where each unit has special abilities that are relevant to the battle. With only 20-30 units in total and you feel each loss dearly. Instead of a group of units and making "big fake numbers".
  3. You would use a CDN (such as cloudfare) to make the site available from several points on the internet - thus using the underlying T1 internet infrastructure to mitigate this problem. This would mean that only nation-wide ddos attacks would be succesful, as anything less just means an increase in ping (of the lobby). A cdn also includes often processes to notice attacks, and then mitigate it by temporary banning ips higher upstream. As a private person, getting a cdn is.. Non trivial, it's both not cheap, as well as hard to get. A cdn often needs a verification of ownership of hte IP addres
  4. Well when I take some ground I typically get attacked by multiple ais at once and just get overwhelmed. While if I stay in my own little corner I can easily pick the opponents one by one.
  5. Well I wonder constantly, given the always lots of metal and stone in the base: is fighting over resources worth it? I find that the moment I expand beyond my initial base I get "rushed" by several ais, and it's much easier to bunker down and depend on that lone ai to trade with. And then break out with rams quite late when town centers are no longer expensive at all.
  6. Hello I just started the game and I am thinking of (sometime) going to play multiplayer. However I wonder: how does multiplayer interact with mods? Especially something like "autociv" that seems to be constantly recommended, can I use that and the features from that mod in multiplayer?
  7. How should I read such a guide? I read multiple times #5v -> does that mean you "make 5 new ones"?
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