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  1. @user1 my username: frank93. 1v1 play with MaximoXMeridio. Him left the game without resign. another 1v1 game wtih ktut left the game few minute after I started to rush him commands.txt metadata.json metadata.json commands.txt
  2. I'm available a few hours now. Instead I probably won't be able to play tomorrow. I'm sorry.
  3. My timezone is BST, I can play every day from 6 pm. Is better if I have at least 1 day of notice.
  4. @user1 player 2000ad quit the game without resign. My user frank93. metadata.json commands.txt
  5. @DerekO Great! for me after 6 pm would be great. 6:30 pm will be perfect. Let me know. My time zone is GMT + 1 (British Summer Time)
  6. I'm here, my game name is frank93, my Timezone is GMT + 1
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