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  1. Hi all, I noticed in some youtube videos people have additional information (such as number of siege/cav/inf etc.) they also seem to have colour-coded resource values. Is this still fgod mod (with additional settings)?
  2. Hi everyone, I am relatively new to the game, so do not know much about the game engine, but I was wondering if it would be possible in principle to implement "area damage" (I might have not had time to see this in detail, but it seems that catapults do damage to single unit only?). If it is possible, perpahs it would make sense to have "area damage" for cavalry vs light range units (to simulate "mass", i.e. a cav charge would be catastrophic to light ranged units)? As I said, I am not aware how the engine works, so perhaps this is not possible/practical to implement.
  3. Hi @user1 I was playing a ranked 1v1 with methhead and they left. I waited for 10 minutes (there was some lag) but they never came back. I guess they could have rage-quitted after I destroyed their arty at around 51:00 commands.txt
  4. Hi @user1 zebroniculious left a rated game without resigning (I was winning at the time). commands.txt
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