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  1. Simple guide for compiling nsisbi on ubuntu (official nsis is a similar process too, the difference is the source code location): Download the nsisbi source code from sourceforge (latest version is preferred, but I used 7208-1/ for this example): https://sourceforge.net/projects/nsisbi/files/ I put the zip in a folder called 'nsis' in my home directory, then extract the contents (right click on the zip, and 'Extract here'). Then open a terminal and install the required programs: sudo apt-get install build-essential scons mingw-w64 zlib1g-dev Change to the source c
  2. @Itms Just so you know, I've done work on cross platform support. So nsisbi is fully cross platform on linux (I use ubuntu), and bitness agnostic too so it doesn't matter if your OS is 32 bit or 64 bit. I know one of the other developers also packaged it for Homebrew on Mac too.
  3. Just letting you know that I have released the next version of nsisbi, and the changelog documents what changed. Enjoy .
  4. If I remember I will. It will be a few weeks after official nsis 3.06 lands (I need time to test things after the code merge), and the automated nsis tweets also picks up my releases too.
  5. No worries. I actually found this thread about two months ago, so I thought 'how hard can it be?'. So yeah, I have a working prototype already, I am just waiting for official nsis to release first. There have been a few big changes under the hood since 3.03, the main one is the external file mode command has changed and a new mode has been added, plus a stable lz4 codec has been added. Plus I've changed crc checking so that everything is done 'on the fly' now (even for 'all in one' installers), that should speed things up for the first start of the installer :) .
  6. I was just randomly googling nsisbi just to see if there were any issues, and I found this thread. So I joined up just to let you know what the problem is. Both official nsis and nsisbi currently have the same limit on a single file added to the installer, it's 32bit minus the top bit which makes the limit 2GB. Official nsis would never hit this limit because the datablock limit is also 2GB. Nsisbi has a 64bit datablock, which makes the 2GB single file problem clear. So yeah, thanks to this thread I have added 64bit support for single files, but the problem is that othe
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