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  1. You could add uniques actualizations to the royal stoa. Stoicism explains our belief that buildings are more than just bricks and mortar. Buildings should be practical, protective, and inspirational. Upgrades should improve the armor or damage of units within the territory (like the Romans perhaps) or or add a bonus like the pyramid kushites only to metal workers (silver owls)
  2. Rams are not OP, that nerf is not necessary, you dont need to avoid destroying building. Currently there are many ways to counter them, but still are the best siege machines. Almost every pro player pick them to destroy enemy buildings. The problem is that rams also do a lot of damage to the infantry units(that doesn't make much sense), which I think is the real problem. They should fix that or improve the catapults making them arm or disarm faster or even turning 360 degrees when they're armed. The damage caused by a rock coming from the sky is greater than that of a thrunk hitting.
  3. Oh I think I'll play it. Can you say me how can I download that mod please?
  4. I was reading about the ancient naval wars and found that the trirremes used to carry very little infantry crew and that their main form of attack was ramming the enemy ship. And therefore the birremes even less. So I thought, what if they made the birremes a totally military type of ship? Ships that can't carry soldiers, just attack, would it turn out to be chaos or could it be a new way to play on island maps? Making an attack animation that simply pushes forward and roll back the boat couldn't be that difficult, even if it was a bit scary. And adding some sound to that.
  5. In those Trac forums -- interesting forums -- you say you'll have the boats used for other things beyond the mobility of units, but if you look at the game, ships usually only serve for that purpose. I mean: At sea, in addition to the non-mobility of infantry and cavalry, there is neither a mine or a territory to fight for, the treasures are not enough. In many RTS the same thing happens and it causes that military boats are not very useful. Many players don't see the sea strategically, they just want to cross it. This aspect can improve creating a camouflaged metal mine on a pearl reef or o
  6. One of the best things about this game is that you have a chance to have battles and maritime trade routes. But I see that many players prefer to play on maps without much water. I think it would be nice to discuss the unique strategy this game could have in terms of naval battles.
  7. First of all, I would like to congratulate all the team behind this project. This is the best RTS I've ever played, because it combines almost everything: art, realism, strategy, originality, etc. I've played a lot of RTS like WC and SC, (they have great technical gameplay). So I'd like to give you some recommendations to improve the game because there are things that can be better without much effort. I hope the developers can read this. And again, this is a great game! First, the selection of specific units and targets is sometimes very tedious. The main inconvenience of this type happe
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