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  1. @user1 Can I get points on my rating for this game on 12.30? It didn't update. Thanks. my username is Jews metadata.json
  2. @user1 Never received points for the game on 6/10. Jews vs zzz. Thanks.commands.txt
  3. @user1 Never received points for this game: Jews vs Mativen1983. Thanks. commands.txt
  4. @user1 TheProfesor lost to Jews and quit without resigning. Please assign the points. Thanks.commands.txt
  5. @user1 Another player who quit a rated game without resigning. Jews vs jjhidalgo95 Thank you for correcting this. commands.txt
  6. @user1 There is a player with name gaskike who is saying neonazi slogans and racist things in the lobby. His name is also horribly offensive. Please kick.
  7. @user1 I never got points for this game either. Jews vs auxilentmoon. Thanks commands.txt
  8. @user1 Titanboy left game against Jews without resigning on 4/21 commands.txt linar1586 left game against Jews without resigning on 4/3 Both files attached. Would like my points please. Thanks. commands.txt
  9. linar1586 is hosting and quitting 1 v 1 games without resigning.
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