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  1. Good!

    So to define objects as props by the game engine, you just need to name them prop-_____. You could used bones or geometry or helpers. I like helpers. Do you see helpers here? This is where they used to be. Ignore the right side of this image:


    I usually use the point type because you can turn on x,y,z vectors to help visualize it's orientation.

    For manually assigning vertexes to a "bone" what you do using the skin modifier is pretty well defined here:


    Select the box that says "Vertices" at the top of the select menu:


    Select the name of the bone in the bone list. Then assign a value of 1.0 in the Abs. Effect box under weight properties.

    Usually I use envelopes for weighting vertexes in organic objects. But, for mechanical ridged animation, this is how it has worked for me in the past.

  2. I have a sneaky suspicion that something there is hidden geometry. Right click and unhide all. Then delete anything else that isn't reliant. The only thing you really want is the chariot body and the left and right wheels for geometry. There is also going to be some helper objects that define "prop points". I'm not sure if you are familiar with those or not. You'll need to keep those, and keep whatever the bone structure is - I forget if it was a bone, or a box, or a helper (Its been close to a decade since I made that file :P).

    If you should post a screenshot of your screen and maybe a screenshot of the list of objects you see if you go to the menu and "select by name". That would be helpful for me in assisting to troubleshoot.

  3. Yeah, it doesn't like your skeleton. It looks like the big skeleton file has been split up into separate files and now lives here:


    The engine doesn't like your model because the skeleton doesn't match the model. Which could be because the bones aren't named correctly in Max. Check the object names. It could also be plain missing... When you export the .dae actively select the objects (meshes, bones, helpers, etc) you want to exported and try "export selected" vs. just "export" which will do the whole scene. You don't want all the other junk in the file exported.

  4. Ok cool it worked ;) The missing .dle file could be found here:

    The bip and graphic files live in the art repository - but you don't need those. You could get some of these from the game's texture folder. which lives here: ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures (it should like this - if you have access - http://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures )

    (BTW, as your learning, document it here: trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtDesignDocument)

    Check out the simple bone structure in the file and the modifiers to get a feel for it. Like I say, try exporting a .dae and replacing


    See if it works in the map editor or actor editor.

  5. Before Blender became so prevalent, 3DS Max was the tool that exported the majority of models and animations until around 2006-2007. It should still be possible, in fact many original .max file are available in the artist's SVN repository if you would like to view those.

    It sounds like you need general information of how to do rigging, not specifically how to get 3ds models and animations into the game? There are numerous resources for the former, and I'm one of the few resources for the later.

    So if you ask me specific questions I'll do my best to answer them. I'll subscribe to this thread and try to keep up with answering ASAP.

    Like blender - the goal is to output a .dae file. The method behind the output could vary. For example you could use the character studio feature of 3ds Max for your bones structure or you could use your own custom bone objects. You could use the skin or the physique modifiers for interpolating the mesh and assigning weights to each vertex. So right off the bat you have two options. I haven't exported to .dae in years and I think I was using 3ds Max R7 at the time with a open source freeware plugin called ColladaMax. This was because the default .dae exporter from max at the time was doing a poor job and the .dae file outputted weren't recognized by the engine at the time.

    The first step I would try if I were you would be to try and simply export one of the old models with the new version of max and it's .dae plugin and see if it breaks. Here is one you can play with. I think there is some very basic animation in it using a few bones (helpers) and a skin modifier.


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  6. I have noticed that the attack animations used by the spear wielding cavalry units are the same as used by the sword wielding cavalry units. I think that the slashing attack animation should not be used by the cavalry spear men. Are there plans to differentiate the attack animations between the two classes of melee cavalry, or at least to remove the slashing attack animation from the cavalry spear men?

    The actor probably just needs to be tweaked. There is an animation that exists for cavalry spearman.


  7. I tried this morning to find the name of the former ES employee that offered to be a sounding board for AI related ideas/issues that 0 A.D. was coming into but I can't seem to find him. It might have been Pottinger or Pritchard, but I can't remember... But, I did come across this while doing old searches on the forums. Probably isn't anything you guys don't already know about though...


  8. Fun facts - the pyrogenesis "logo" was a single character from a font. It was intended to be similar in look to the Chinese wildfire games character. I think the name was selected by a team vote at the time when we were using greek to name certain aspects of the game - like Atlas and Odysseus. It's prior name was prometheus, which we found out later was already used. I think before that it was briefly called omicron. "New Fire" was what it was supposed to mean, loosely following the wildfire moniker.

    I think the attached file is the original .max file for the 0 A.D. logo (guessing based on file name).


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