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  1. They love it! How long do you think until it will be approved as a download in the game?
  2. Was able to load the saved game and got the same errors. Please see attached.interestinglog.html
  3. Sorry :-(. If it happens again, I will. Have a good day!
  4. Here's the file. Thanks!interestinglog.html
  5. Me too! I do kind of have a captive audience these days. Thank you so much for ALL YOUR HELP!
  6. Hey all! I was playing the computer in Millennium AD last night, and got some weird errors. First was about the lack of animal skeletons, but the big one is that once the petra starting kicking my butt (as usual :-)), the screen turned mostly black with my buildings highlighted blue. Tons and tons of errors about "bones."
  7. @Freagarach--is there a chance you can add it Modio so that my students can add it from right in the game?
  8. Stan, Thank you for your reply. I'm kind of lost. If I change the extension of the file to .pyromod, they will be able to double click to install? Will it matter if they are using Mac or Windows?
  9. @Freagarach OH!!!!! The people can't even kill the animals! I love this!!! This is perfect--thank you so much. I should be able to try it this week! You are the bomb!
  10. Thank you for this! I didn't want the kids to be able to hunt the animals--they're young, and especially since we're not physically in school right now, I'm not able to have a nuanced conversation with them about hunting, right or wrong, violence, etc. The "no animals" mod, teams, and unchecked win conditions seems to work pretty well, but sometimes I have trouble loading the mod with the other mods I have downloaded (some from inside the game, some added manually). Is there any way to get these mods, yours and the "no animals" mod added to the in-game download options so that I don't have to
  11. Hey all--I hope you're not sick of me yet. So I've modded the game so the blood and gore and the animals are out of it (my students are 5-10 years old). If I start a multiplayer game like that, will they be able to join without installing the mods on their own?
  12. @Panther Do you know why this causes the technology tree to be hidden?
  13. @Panther, did just whip that mod up just for me? If so, thanks so much!
  14. Perfect! Thank you so much! And I just remembered that I can create a saved game for them with the preferences set up just as I like it and load it on their computers. Awesome!
  15. Great suggestions! Thank you all so much! The community is one of my favorite parts of this game. Is there a way to get rid of the animals to get rid of that violence as well? Thanks!
  16. Good day, all! I wanted to use 0 A.D. in class, but would be reluctant to have my students fight against another civilization (they're 5-10 years old). Is there an option in the sandbox mode where you are the only civ on the map?
  17. Thanks for the reply--sorry I just saw this! What is TLS and how do I disable it? Alternatively, is the link for the file you sent me a later released than is on the website? Should I be using this one? Thanks again!
  18. Hi! I love the game and would like to try to play multiplayer. When I sign up for an account in the online lobby, the game quits. I'm running the (almost) latest version of OSX. Thanks!
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