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  1. Hahah, ups, thanks a lot, yeah I came to this page via google "make a low poly tree in blender" and didn't realize that it's talking about a specific game (the name of the game 0 A.D wasn't really ringing a bell, but now I checked it out, really cool, used to play age of empires a lot!! and this looks so similar) We are developing a VR education app, so I'll have to check how we could make that work...
  2. which game is it? Is there a way I can get the branch texture without the game? if you are using pictures from wikimedia and use them for a game, how do you give appropriate credit or provide a link to the license?
  3. Thanks a lot for the great tutorial! Where did you get your library of textures from? I don't find the kind of branch you used...
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