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  1. Thats true and I agree with the inputs. I think maybe a link to this page with a short summary in the build instructions page under "Acquiring the code" would be beneficial. Something like "Why not Github" and a list with reasons like: It is much easier to get started with svn The repository contains a vast amount of assets and other ressources that can not easily be hostest on github. We would like to keep full control of our repository. It would take a lot of manpower to migrate to another repository (even a self hosted git repository)
  2. I am new here and the "issue" with the repository is one of the first things that came up to my mind when I read the getting started guide. I think one of the reasons for using svn pointed out in this discussion was that git has a steep learning curve. And this would hinder new users in participating. However, it might also give the impression that the project is somehwat outdated (which of course it is not). So in my opinion the project should be as attractive as possible to gain the attention of new and good developers which includes going on with newer trends like github or other new alternatives.
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