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  1. On 3/14/2019 at 3:30 PM, Sundiata said:

    I don't really mean to attack you personally.

    i dont know xD 

    On 3/14/2019 at 3:30 PM, Sundiata said:

    Just that there has been a negative trend in some of the discussions recently initiated by a mysterious split in the programming team and by some dissatisfied players/contributors.

    i can feel it inside the game,

    if game depends on contributors, contributors are the real owners of the game

    and if some of them are diatisfied u shuld listen to them

    change is the only unevitable law of the universe

    i guess working or playing or both with the same people all the time tired someones,  maybe they are the ones who need changes...

    On 3/14/2019 at 3:30 PM, Sundiata said:

    passive aggressively trying to disrupt development/forum discussions because of personal issues.

    team personal issues should very important, u cant help or work if some bad thoughts invade your brains, u must help people in need, more when they are asking u indirectly, some people don know how to ask help.

    On 3/14/2019 at 3:30 PM, Sundiata said:

    Your latest comments seemed to be inadvertently feeding in to this


    On 3/14/2019 at 3:30 PM, Sundiata said:

    which is why I felt the need to respond. 

    i thought u just loved my mayo picture and wanted to talk =O 


    On 3/14/2019 at 3:30 PM, Sundiata said:

    who is stopping you? 

    my tendon!!!!! i lived 3 month inside 0AD, saved my summer from my raping depression, now 8 days till tendon day, i could be able to walk and drive and be really free again

    your inspiratinal frase is like: 

    Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    and 0AD is ideally positioned to take full advantage of this, as it's the best free to play, open source, cross platform RTS project out there

    i know, thats why my interest and offers

    but i think u all should spend 100% brain time in holding back players 

    maybe give some good players coaching habilities inside noobs game,

    people love to teach, good ones will do it on they own,

    a ninth god player, that can host partys for new ones , and place like shadowed buildings to show in wich order noobs have to build

    teach them before playing for first time how to use keyboard, give them zillin written tips when game is charging

    make zillion million videos on mini tactics, macro and micro, defence attack, most games last 20 minutes but only one battle is really decesive battle,

    and 100% of youtube are minimum 40 minutes long, its like watching 2 2 and a 1/2 dworf on a row, nobody WILL DO THAT

    even if u spend hours and hours making nice youtube videos like the ant from valihr


    32 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    That would be really valuable

    if im allowed

    34 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    moving mountains... Some of them are like real life superheroes! 

    first super hero in history was el Zorro , he was going to make california independent, not even turning it back to mexico




    super heroes are propaganda, u should make that w all the people that made 0AD possible, after 17 years, el sueño libertario.

    u shoud start there, make our 0 AD heroes gods

    and start aggresive meme campaign all tougheter same day and same hour, 


    alexander the great pointing at you, boudica, hannibal... etc... all 0 historical figures

    0AD needs propaganda, caption and retaining the players, and then it will be free, and maybe u can make more eras like empire earth xDxDxDxDxDxD NEVER SURRENDER!!!!

    42 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    It's impossible to not to come to that conclusion if these latest discussions are all you read

    i never forum in my life, in my first one here i posted some pictures and offended some vegan i assume cause 2 of them where deleted, and yesterday i saw monetization and i enter

    and now im making catarsis and throwing all my XP ins this one and half year playing, the game is done for me, but it just need more players!

    im pragmatic

    53 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    The only real thing I can deduce from all these discussions is that you're upset that things aren't going fast enough.

    nop, i dont care that, game is fine i like it this way, it just need more players, more tournaments, a league 2 vs 2 teams 3 vs 3 teams , 4 v 4 events more love to people and not to code or arts

    more music plz 2

    55 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    Which is immature in my opinion

    arent we all gamers inmature? 

    56 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    You can't force development by "whining" about things that can't be fixed right now and "pressuring" people who are already overworked, and need help, not more criticism

    im not forcing or whinning i think, not my intention, i dont want changes again, i want more people and more love, i understand that people work a lot and need help so thats why my offers, 


    58 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    I don't think you're inspiring positive change or progress like this.

    i inspire people for life, all time, im optimistic and realistic, never down, never pony! never head down

    i inspired the never surrender movement inside 0ad, to get rid of leavers, i hate leavers i really hate them, all my life,worthless

    1 hour ago, Sundiata said:

    I'd say it's even getting toxic

    i will fight it!!


    1 hour ago, Sundiata said:

    and different tastes in humor

    humor has no barriers, like mayonesa

    1 hour ago, Sundiata said:

    I know you don't mean any harm

    maybe i did , sometime a little bit of chaoes to get things on the move xDXDXDXD

    1 hour ago, Sundiata said:

    The game is growing in popularity and 9 out of 10 comments are super positive.

    yeah!!!! they come they see they play they like and they leave, fight the leave part! 110% brain

    put whisky to the engine or kerosene xD

    1 hour ago, Sundiata said:

    But negative comments always weigh heavier

    not really for me,  if u dont like or believe in 0AD u arent really in rst P


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  3. FACTION02 Man


    oh so handsome 

    oh so strong

    tell me stories of distant rushes

    all night long

    i shiver all over

    when i see your lovely eco

    and i can tell by your clear blue eyes

    your a FACTION02 MAn


    oh FACTION02 Man

    from Poland land

    oh FACTION02 man

    come take my hand

    oh FACTION02 man take me along

    show me how to kill valhirant and the borg


    oh FACTION02 Man

    i sure hope you dont fall

    i rather prefer have been killed by king AQUA

    you know u are to krakov, krakov

    where we can go to bars

    a strong blonde handsome FACTION02

    0AD calls u GOD!


    oh FACTION02 Man

    from Poland land

    oh FACTION02 man

    come take my hand

    oh FACTION02 man take me along

    show me how to kill valhirant and the borg


    oh FACTION02 man

    from POLAND land

    oh FACTION02 man

    come take my hand!

    oh FACTION02 man 

    i d gladly die

    to see fpre and phyzics kisk our asses


    FACTION02 man

    oh, FACTION02 man!

    please take my hand...

    oh tender FACTION02 man



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  4. i really think that 0 ad is a love project made with people who fell for rts as a teenager and could never scape the gaming world, like myself,

    15 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    somebody had the nerve to suggest adds in the game and forum


    28 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    dishonest and predatory money grab schemes the big developers

    big developpers are dying, change is comming, new ones will emerge

    29 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    And 0AD is routinely compared to the best!!

    0 AD IS the best RTS 

    it was made w love and patience, but how or why bad rts games are more known than 0 ad? why did i just met 0AD in 2017? why not before? how did i miss the game and couldnt reach it for years? i have dl hundred of rts in the last years and erased in seconds, not w 0AD

    45 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    negativity from a handful of "fans" these days

    not negativity, maybe u are feeling suceptible


    48 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    Empires Apart???

    not even trying that shift, 0AD for ever!!!!! 

    49 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    0AD has never been greater

    with greater power greater responsibilities


    49 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    There's always ups and downs

    is 0AD in a down moment? 

    50 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    forgetting how much money has been thrown at far lesser games...

    money is time, i get that money owner in northen emisphere are all bad persons, making war for fun


    52 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    But I honestly don't get it. It's like you prefer fairytales, and sweet lullabies of all the things money will do for this game, forgetting how much money has been thrown at far lesser games...

    money buys time, i get u have an other human job and in ur free time u work here, 0 AD doesnt get u food in the table or heat in winter, it get u a group of friends and people who like and think the same aka friends. question: are internet friends real friends?


    54 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    The volunteering aspect of development is both it's greatest strength, as well as one of its weaknesses. Patience is a requirement. In everything. Money can't buy love. Money can't make a game like 0AD. Only the love, dedication, passion and tenacity of its developers can. So please stop antagonizing the developers and let them work! Give them words of encouragement, not these belligerent and uncalled for reproaches because things aren't going as fast as you'd like them to go. You are causing harm by seeding unnecessary doubt, and it's unpleasant for developers to keep hearing their unpaid work isn't good enough for you. If anything, see what you yourself can add to the development. Just throwing money at things is a lazy and unwholesome way of doing things.

    the volunteer aspect of development is the greates strenght in 0AD, that way the team was fromed, i guess w the same hate to money and big companys world, a anarchist internet op group was formed, w same beliefs and same taste in rts

    obsesives and perfectionist made 0AD, obsesives artist and programmers, no sellmans, 0AD need to reach more people in the internet, need and aggresive meme campaign, 0AD has no social listening in internet, u need to get better there!

    1 hour ago, Sundiata said:

    and it's unpleasant for developers to keep hearing their unpaid work isn't good enough for you

    ok sry, it is very good for me, sry for misstraslation, but 12 hours a day, to get 12 dollars its not a living, its almost modern digital slavery lololol

    1 hour ago, Sundiata said:

     If anything, see what you yourself can add to the development. Just throwing money at things is a lazy and unwholesome way of doing things.

    ok, i think i can make a huge latin campaign to get more spanish players to 0AD
    game is fine for me, it just need more players

    1 hour ago, Sundiata said:

    So please stop antagonizing the developers and let them work! Give them words of encouragement

    i allways give words of encouragement to everyone, in 0AD and in life NEVER SURREDNER!!!

    just ask, ITRELLES 

    im talking now w a gay merchandising friends who talks in the estadio centenario in front of 70 000 persons before every classic Peñarol vs Nacional in uruguay twice a year, he know how to reach people w internet and he know what people like to see

    1 hour ago, Sundiata said:

    Tom's who think the project is dead while so many people are actually working on it day and night.

    only he thinks project is dead, i know it has never been so much popular like now, but again, i think u need to do way more to reach more people, 

    just in brasil there are like 2 millions rts fans, that keep on playing AOE2 in old and bad pcs..,

    nostalgia again is a strong feeling

    i want to help if u let me, i want to learn, teach us master!!! enlight us!!


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  5. 25 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

    Merch might be worth looking into


    this is the only merchandising i thought it could be very profitable, vintage BOX, w mediterranean poster map showing diff civ locations etc, and op book w civ information and history,

    like 20 years ago games where sold

  6. 19 minutes ago, elexis said:

    As mentioned, the financial data is public https://spi-inc.org/corporate/annual-reports/. Right now the donations are used to pay server costs, travel to software conventions and held in reserve otherwise. The point was that it would be hard to decide who deserved which fraction of the donations with the current means.

    if nobody gets money and all donations goes to server maintance or europe software reunions why should be difficult to fraction donation in a profitable magical future to each memeber iof the team if they dont really care about money? 


    23 minutes ago, elexis said:

    i saw a picture full of faties there, i assume they dont starve  lol

    27 minutes ago, elexis said:
    1 hour ago, itrelles said:

    donations are aleatory,  like moral of wfg workers 

    Not if the money is not used for developer compensation. Also I would assume that the ones who are motivated by less than 1$ per hour are the exception.

    then i assume that u will feel the same if this game reach 100.000 different players per month


    30 minutes ago, elexis said:

    and even find the result

    calculator says error, i guess its some mathematcal new number


    31 minutes ago, elexis said:

    I meant software quality

    software wuality is ok, u want more cause u are all beatifull perfectionist,  but its nt time to be that, its time to get and retain gamers inside 0 ad

    i think then u all here love to make games for life, and u should, never stop NEVER SURRENDER

    u make people op happy even with lawsy pathfinding

    36 minutes ago, elexis said:

    and for people who want to get to know the board, the pieces and create a strategy before rolling the dice.

    i think sometimes u just have to act, but u op iq math guys overthink a lot

    38 minutes ago, elexis said:

    Well that sounds a lot better than debt. Still, the question is how return of investment should be possible without breaking the free software ethics.

    it is normal in southamerica for people to use and charge free linux software, even our president son made that w venezuela goverment,  u are not sellmans, u are all logic intelligent peoples, and world isnt logic at all, 

    europe was never ethical, and new century and millenium will bring past back to present


    42 minutes ago, elexis said:

    "If you understood me, I might not have expressed myself inscrutable enough." (attributed to Alan Greenspan)

    worst than¨ "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."


    44 minutes ago, elexis said:

    Doesn't. You can hire a random guy to create a pathfinder with 20k, but he will stop working on that once he runs out of paid time (and a pathfinder can take a year depending on the scope of changes), and then it's not clear whether it's of the quality necessary for Wildfire Games. If one has millions and billions to throw at it, money may solve that. But for $1 per hour there's not much that this money can provide beyond symbolic support and ravioli.

    yes it does,

    why random?

    what if paid could never run out

    but again, u dont need that now, for me, maybe u need it cause u are all perfectionist

    raviolis are supported by forks

    48 minutes ago, elexis said:

    That would be legal  if one creates a for-profit entity to handle that money instead of going through SPI, and if the interpretation of GPL would be stretched. The question is whether it would be right ethically to do that. 0 A.D. was started in 2001 as an Age of Kings mod, but they failed because it was closed source, so they created the entire game from scratch. It would betray our founding ideals to not make 500 A.D. free software. Still possible to do that, but for me, I'm here because this is free as in freedom and puts the user first, not the corporation.

    not betraying, evolving, and u can make it free later, but to make more games more quick u need money, as in 0AD, without food wood, gold or stone u do nothing, all those commodities are traded w money now, 

    u are here cause u are accepted here, and i think all people who wants to participate are accepted in here 2, not like in other jobs... but if for you freedm its beeing 12 hours in front a pc workinf for 1 dollar an hour,,, we thin very different, for me freedom its to do what i love and to eat raviolis, sometime sex is good to llololollolol


    55 minutes ago, elexis said:

    There's some potential to gain.

     i talked with one player some weeks ago and i told him that we should donate, after i got harrased on 0 ad to donate,  he was willing to donate 200 dollars, and hi lived in some bad sudaca country


    57 minutes ago, elexis said:

    They have rewards?

    yes, the information they give to u, i use to have encarta 95, it was payed, now w wikipedia the somehow changed the sistem...

    the reward is the knowllege, like the reward working on 0 ad for free, 


    58 minutes ago, elexis said:

    I downloaded 0 A.D. in 2014

    i thought u where here from start =O





  7. the second proposal was to start over again and make a new payed game (500 AD) w the same people involved in this but all getting payed and w shared % benefits for all involved, 

    all // to 0 ad

    and the third one was something like wikipedia does once a year but w a campaign reward at the end, i keep on thinking o campaign cause when i first dl 0 ad and i saw it hasnt campaing it took me like 8 month to dl it again, and i dont know exxactly how or why i came back, but i did, i believe in 0 ad

    i think im in love 


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  8. 5 minutes ago, elexis said:

    That proposal was lending

    the proposal was an alliance so u could finish the game, i give money so wfg workers could do a living and then we shared, if no money gets in well i guess it was a wrong investment to do,

    but i would never ask for the money back, its like putting a torpedo to a bike so it can go faster and get to the finish line

    u overstimate people, persons are very dumb, and this game sells nostalgia, and people loves nostalgia, it s avery strong sentimen, rts fans are almost all older peoples,

    and this game has 1 000 000 millions dl...

    never lending, thats bad people stuff


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  9. 19 minutes ago, elexis said:

    people who wonder if it is dead.

    never dead, NEVER SURRENDER, just eternally posponed, cause there is too much talking


    21 minutes ago, elexis said:

    You're implying that donations equal content

    i never impli and is difficult for me to express via this way,

    donations are aleatory,  like moral of wfg workers

    real salary its allways the same, same date all months,

    i "impli" that when donations are high people are happy and amused w high moral and work faster happier and better

    and when donations are low... no work done, or ok work, 

    and when donations are negative? what will happen?

    28 minutes ago, elexis said:

    First of all one needs donations

    i dont think so


    29 minutes ago, elexis said:

    then one still needs to decide for which purpose they will be used

    very easy, make a 15 step campaign so op noobs learn how to pro play,

    if op noobs or new players learn how to be good quicker they will stay, 

    ive seen moderators crushing new player just for fun, and then calling them noob,,, lausy attitude, toxic players will put water inside the boat and slow down the whole project

    1 learn how to op explore

    2 learn how to op hunt

    3 learn how to op farm

    4 learn how to chop wood, 

    5 learn how to rush

    6 learn how to boat

    etc etc etc etc etc

    tips, maybe sexi valihrant voice talking, borg tips before starting a match could help 2

    lot of tips, an image of a keyboard....... i have to learn by miself and watching all the tips

    then learned some more w borg... u know, not everybody is here since 2001...

    i just learned that u cant tilt by mistake,,,

    40 minutes ago, elexis said:

    one person gets 28cent per hour, the other person only 8 cent per hour

    i dont understand how u pay cause im an outsider, 


    42 minutes ago, elexis said:

    or one person gets 25k for a new pathfinder and everyone else gets nothing at all?

    i think this isnt the 0 AD way, TEAM PLAY 100%, but brains are importanter than artist. sry artist i love u all


    43 minutes ago, elexis said:

    The third problem is finding someone who can actually accomplish the decided purposes

    money do that


    44 minutes ago, elexis said:

    Wildfire Games satisfaction

    are wilfire satisfactions the same now that in 2001 or that in 2008?

    define satisfaction? see your life work beeing loved by every possible person who loves rts? millions of 30ish rich north americans and europeans

    45 minutes ago, elexis said:

    people who are capable of writing and integrating a new pathfinder are extremely rare, people who can write it in a bug-free, well planned way even more rare

    i know, i cant help in here. NEVER SURRENDER, u have already a big web of contributors and known people, u should start there

    48 minutes ago, elexis said:


    non hackerman language plz


    48 minutes ago, elexis said:

    hopefully in this decade


    2 hours ago, (-_-) said:

    Who knows what sort of things are being discussed internally

    decade discussions are op for fillosofers


    52 minutes ago, elexis said:


    i liek german humor


    32 minutes ago, (-_-) said:

    outsiders PoV

    from and outsider point of view? lol ty 

    27 minutes ago, Diatryma said:

    outsiders can't be sure about the decisions part

    im not sure, i told ... "its feels like" 

    but me beeing a intelligent human being and doted w eyes that can read in lobby, forum, inside games,  whatsapp and facebook in 4 languages its feels to me that somehow some old players are talking about the good old days inside  0ad... new players asking for changes

    1 hour ago, (-_-) said:

    The opposite is also possible. Where the analogy is infact true.

    i told that analogy cause is how the intendance in montevideo work,

    u cant fire a public worker, 

    50% of public workers dont really work,

    and in every important office only 1 or 2 really making something

    i dont know, i want 0 ad to grow much stronger, 

    i even offer to finance wfg...

    cause im a kind outsider, and i love raviolis 




  11. 1 million dl

    1000 different players per month

    0.001 retaining gamers %

    u are all op failling on keeping players in 0 ad 

    there is something that  isnt working

    and then someone begging in lobby for donations... very rude

    donations to improve the game, for us players to keep on comming

    i love this game, but its feels like a boat, where us players are the sailors (1000) and then there are 30 captains that dont make decissions, so boat doesnt move and sailors leave

    mucho cacique y poco indio in spanish, (too many chefs in the kitchen) only one chef is needed

    we eat mayo here, no ketchup





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  12. I AM CRAZY











  13. Hi, i care about 0 ad.

    Doing something again and again  is the deffinition of insanity.

    If 0 ad or wfg doesnt change i see no future here.

    Break paradigms, change is the only unevitable law in the universe.

    Donations for me are like begging for coins in the street.

    People work different if they do it for free.


    9days till tendon

    flies away






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