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  1. 0 AD of forgetfulness, maybe if i ask for a memory, plz give back my lost time inside
    bis chorus
    i dont remember anymore the fails 4v4, noobdy is waiting for me at lobby anymore
    5 hours jebels, in silence just fighting, while others changing their faces

    0 AD of forgetfulness, divided heart, 0 AD dont remember being born
    bis chorus

    who shall give me, again, my old mouse and keyboard, wich i have fought win and lost w them
    how could i pick, all my spoken words,their frozen souls

    0 AD memory, put a slow rithm to destiny, and turns it into a path

    0 AD of forgetfulness, maybe if i ask for a memory, plz give back what i have lost (chorus)

    hard times we are living, peace is dying, people leaving theyr homelands
    time to love, to doubt, to think and fight, to live without a past

    but 0 AD doestn forget, and reborn in every wound, from the hand of those who love it the most
    0 AD of forgetfulness, maybe if i ask for a memory, plz give back what i have lost (chorus)

    hard times, a light in the black, everyday in the 0 AD party
    flowing time, spend or invested inside,get ready, RAMS are comming!!!

    wheel and wheel to infinity, 0 AD isnt a myth, u live it, u dont play it lalala
    yes u live it u dont play it,u feel it but u dont get it, 0 AD grow like a plant and even heaven shudders (chorus)

    we play cause we can, we forget what we want, but we are really happy and sad inside :)

    0 AD fights back and dont get tired, one life isnt enough to spend it inside, death is a naive riddle

    la la la la la la

    not finished

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  2. to do list


    key board and boutons guide (picture)

    food wood wooman houses 2 minutes guide (written steps and gifs)

    when and where place barracks (gifs)

    tower placing guide (written tips and gifs)

    farm placing guide (written and gifs)

    house as walls placing guide

    farmsted and storehouse guide (written and gifs)

    explain importance of pikes defending womens (gifs)

    explain batch training size and shift recruitment of soldiers or womens (written)

    explain rally point and shift unit order staking

    when start gathering stone and iron?

    Hold and formation guide (gifs)

    castle placement, and ram attack!

    turtle defence guide

    meelee cav defences guide

    phasing guide

    op slinger style guide


    i propose to change some keyboard button and add 2 more,

    first z and c

    if u select all units and play z only military units will be selected

    if u press c only non military units selected, as womens goats and trade

    change in bouttons i propose are back to work boutton on X and H on space bar

    i should make a video to show left hand moovement in battles, this is to make big formation battles easier and save womens in base when someone raides


    i think gif guides should be somewhere betwwen game lobby and multiplayer lobby, other payers can make 2 minutes starting guides 2, step by step ones, explained by writting and showed in gifs 2, 

    also i thinkfor noobs to learn faster they all should start w britons as i think is like one of the strongest and in snow enviroment cause more food to hunt

    also shoudl map have a clock so one can just press there and not saying the number?



    ITRELLES FWWH 2  minutes tactic guide


    a, send horse to nearest chiken, he will kill and gather chiken food automathically till he gather all 10 chikens meat

    b send womens to gather vegetables from nearest bush

    c send soldiers to gather wood at nearest forest

    d stack build holding shift 6 womens in CC and set rally point to the same trees that u have your mens


    a, build w one women a farmstead near bushes(gif) and w one soldier a storage near forest(gif)

    b with the same soldier that builded the storage shift stack order to build a house next to it (gif), this soldier should build houses all the time like if they where walls (gif)

    c when the 6 womens go out cc recruit 4 more to woods, then 4 to bushes for faster food gathering,


    a this time yo will have been out of chikens so u need to explore surroundings w horse to see what is out there, in snow enviroments there is a lot of food to hunt

    b at this time u will have enough wood to make a barrack!

    c and for now on, from barrack soldiers to gather wood, from CC womens to make farms(gif) adn keep on making houses

    if u have a lot of food, send 10 extra womens to forest

    when economy is very strong phase, after phasing other guide should be made other day


    i will keep on thinking on this, i need help, the objective is to train gamers to make group bigger!


    i have an idea of making a coordinated aggresive meme recruiting 0 ad campaign w historical charcaters from civs as

    i want u for 0 ad





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  3. World Is dead Like I told you so
    I bet you're gonna like it in
    A.D. A.D.
    Ken Wood alpha is not so bad
    A.D. A.D.
    Bloody lag is not so bad

    enemy guts on the floor 
    Oh you're really gonna like it in
    A.D. A.D.
    jebel is not so bad
    A.D. A.D.
    Blody lag is not so bad

    You bet your life
    There's gonna be a fight
    You bet your life because
    i have rams yeah 
    You bet your life
    There's gonna be a fight
    You bet your life because
    i have rams I said that
    skirms are god I said that
    Death is mine
    To give to you

    0 AD
    As it is in hell
    We'll see you dead and like it in
    A.D. A.D.
    Camelius leaving is not so bad
    A.D. A.D.
    3 vs 4 is not so bad

    ally heads on a picket fence
    You're really gonna hate it in
    A.D. A.D.
    borg attacking is not so bad
    A.D. A.D.
    feldfeld support him is not so bad

    You bet your life
    There's gonna be a fight
    You bet your life because
    i have rams yeah 
    You bet your life
    There's gonna be a fight
    You bet your life because
    i have rams I said that
    skirms are god I said that
    Death is mine

    You bet your life
    There's gonna be a fight
    You bet your life because
    i never surrender!!!
    You bet your life
    There's gonna be a fight
    You bet your life because
    i had rams I said that
    skirms where god I said that
    Death was mine
    To give to you 

    GG bad balance

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  4. 6 minutes ago, nani said:

    Mute time is incremental, each mute increases from the last one (meaning you got muted more times than him :) )

    im a mute addict :(

    5 minutes ago, Sundiata said:

    Both of those guys..

    they are kids, they will change, just u have to talk to them, tell em is wrong

     after NZ stuff i told him that that was what jesus lovers do, and he told he was going to abandon jesus, he just need more time i think lol

    nani! lms op settings time!!!

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  5. Imagine what kind of problems he has to say that and talk alone in lobby hours and hours, pesem need a group hug

    lonelyness make dull brains, he is just a kid who needs to grow up

    having sayd that once we where both silenced at the same time for saying the S word, he was desilenced 24 hours before me, maybe he has inside help or i have a different silence timer.

    at night, loneless despairs


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  6. Korn, life is peachy full album

    19 hours ago, elexis said:


    eurocentrics companys are the real enemy

    19 hours ago, elexis said:

    You mean a magical non-profit future with reasonable compensation.

    yes! like bread to keep people happy, bread and 0ad CIRCUS


    19 hours ago, elexis said:

    My genes determine it is time to take shelter and create backups of the genes instead of perpetuating martyrdom.

    standing ovation, welcome to the 30 to 40 age lololololol, it is nice, old ladys want to have sex w us


    19 hours ago, elexis said:

    it's hard with the current approach, because one can't determine who should get how much for what purpose. For example everyone getting the same amount per hour is unfeasible because we don't know how productive people were during that hour. And then one still didn't factor in the difficulty, importance or qualitative worth of the task that was compensated for. One can only change the premises to become unable to determine who get's what for what purpose, but that doesn't necessarily make it 'fair'. Usually non-profit organizations determine the income by comparing with average wage, which is astronomical in comparison to what we have in terms of funding. So it's a dilemma, the compensation will always be uneven in selectable ways.

    change again is the only unevitable law

    yes u can determine who gets more and who gets less, thats why people got XP, earned comparing jobs, attitudes and works done

    u learn how productive people is after 3 month working toughether, thats basic i think

    if everyone earn the same why the most intellignet and hardworking person have to be even to the one who makes the more doll and unusefull work?

    copy nintendo, they know how to share and use profit for more games, should be study deeply

    "fair" it isnt a fair world, DAWNS are very nice, but the got horrible adaptations problems and they dont reach far 40 years old...

    not even air is fair when in some polluted countrys kids are born with lung cancer

    non profit organizations have to earn money so they are not accused of mone laundry lolol

    this is not a normal game for normal people, so dont compare to normal salaries on normal jobs

    world is uneven, get it and ADAPT!

    19 hours ago, elexis said:

    people just play other games after they played 0 A.D.

    not me, why? are there more persons like me? lets find them! 


    19 hours ago, elexis said:

    Creative works


    19 hours ago, elexis said:

    Creative works, from my limited experience, are usually best when they are done by a sole visionary or group of visionaries who figured out the entire createive work already and able to implement it or able to persuade others to implement it

    yes! only one imagine, and the others follow! uruguay had 7 president at the same time in the 60

    nothin was done, they never reach agreements trolololollolo EGO is a op problem


    20 hours ago, elexis said:

    This 100k download / account number is certainly a thing, imagine everyone donating $1 per year to further the tax-exempt purposes.

    imagine vintage players teaching new ones, and getting some in exchange, the 0AD snowball could get bigger and bigger

    20 hours ago, elexis said:

    spaghetti code

    u mean ravioli code?


    20 hours ago, elexis said:

    Hard to determine a priori where thinking something through ends and overthinking begins

    when the headache starts ALEXANDER!!!! xD


    20 hours ago, elexis said:

    I didn't read about Venezuela

    he was silenced, he apperead floating on the water, son of our president grab free software and sell it to stupido chaves stealer for 30 millions

    therefore, yes u can seel something its free, u high iq dont understand, 80% of mens are idiotsand 0AD get u with how its looks, not its AI

    maybe some dont like the lag, i just dont care, w lag i can think better 

    20 hours ago, elexis said:

    Merely continuously increasing the offered wage means that not (only) the most qualified person to accomplish that will offer their service, but mostly any person who is interest in that amount of money, not in the product or the idealism.

    it works trust me, but you are right, scammers everywhere 

    u can allways make 7 interviews like google and tryto get the op intelligent and idealistic programmer ever 

    there are people specialized in finding the right one, it cost money ofcourse 

    20 hours ago, elexis said:

    I think I have a much better idea to fix everything


    20 hours ago, elexis said:

    I'd like to finish my "overthinking" however before claiming a solution



    20 hours ago, elexis said:

    Programming smartphone spyware operating systems, remote control and trolley-problem-decision software for cars, building hardware to break and become irreperable (planned obsolescence), smart homes where every ravioli is connected to the internet, monopolizing social media for the purpose of gaining spying and political censorship means are examples of what international megacorporations do to maximize profit, and they have no worries outcompeting and lobbying against middle class companies.

    who cares? i wont change my raviolis no matter how many new raviolis add i watch,

    social media? u mean 0 ad and green places? lolol ooo they are spying on us, who gives a F

    most people want to be stupid and they want to tell them what to do or buy, the rest,


    20 hours ago, elexis said:

    Non-profit funding "just" has to become sufficiently effective.

    w more people inside 0ad, lot more, more more more,

    and in weekends, lot of moderators helping new ones minimum

    planned obsolence, imagine that there is a huge company that makes oven for the people to cook theyr raviolis, 

    it has 50.000 employees, every one and each of them has 2 kids and 4 elders to sustain

    now those kitchen are undestructible,

    so in 20 years the company is closed and all thats thousand of people have to GTF, lot of companys struglling all time, the bad ones fire people and give raises to theyr managers, MEMES will DESTROY THEM, whats what happened to EA,,,

    planned obsolence was invented by mistake, now it reached it pick, 

    people are getting aware of that, and will fight those companys

    in a world w less and less jobs

    the paradigm change and 3d printer era is right round the corner

    20 hours ago, elexis said:


    moral and ethics change all the time, it a matter more of DATES (dmy)

    GREEKs filosofers helped us? 

    i dont believe in religion or even culture, and internet will destroy both! just give time to time

    18 hours ago, elexis said:

    You should know - how did you know about the other games

    games list, google, youtube i have been watching games list since i met gamespy in 2001

    i stopped now that i ve found my mistress lololollolololol I ated raviolis yesterday, i got 100 more muajajajjaj muajajajjajaj





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