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  1. yeah, totally get that! im generally uploading these at about -5db to -7db. im assuming the engine can spatialize them (stereo field and volume), and there is headroom in case anyone finds that they need to be normalized, EQed or otherwise processed.
  2. Oh, thanks for the tip - I didn't realize I could view animations in the Atlas editor. I will rework those slinger sounds a bit. how does sound variation work? should i be making a few variations for each? should i keep the sounds separated so they can be individually linked to the animation and pitch/tempo shifted by the engine? or does the engine just look for one single sound per unit? for example, with the slinger - should i mix it down to one sound that generally fits the "ranged attack" animation played at normal tempo, or keep each part of the effect as a separate file that
  3. here are some "ram" sounds, or just general destruction effects ram01.wav ram02.wav ram03.wav
  4. ok, i can redo them to match animation timing if you can point me to the correct folder/animation? i've never used blender either, is that how i would view the animations?
  5. Would something like this work? errorclank.wav
  6. these are stereo, but could be mixed down or used for other alerts/building sounds? wonder01.wav wonder02.wav
  7. "armored cavalry sounds" armoredcavalry02.wav armoredcavalry01.wav armoredcavalry03.wav armoredcavalry04.wav horsefall01.wav horsefall02.wav
  8. sling strikes (small projectiles) slingstrike01.wav slingstrike02.wav slingstrike03.wav slingstrike04.wav arrow strikes (small projectiles) arrowstrike01.wav arrowstrike02.wav arrowstrike03.wav arrowstrike04.wav arrowstrike05.wav arrowstrike06.wav
  9. i have not, i wasn't familiar with that. is there a better place i should be dumping sounds? i have very limited time, but was just hoping to contribute in a small way if possible.
  10. combination of processed and layered CC0 sounds (bird call was processed to remove sound of lawn mower and cicadas from a CC0 file at freesound: https://freesound.org/people/UncleSigmund/sounds/42389/ ) and self-recorded foley/synthesized material.
  11. hawk/eagle sounds (a few variations) hawk01.wav hawk02.wav hawk03.wav hawk04.wav hawk05.wav
  12. "slinger sounds" sling01.wav sling02.wav sling03.wav sling04.wav
  13. Thanks! Posted an intro. I have a few questions: are mono files preferred? should i start a new thread somewhere to post soundfx contributions? (i can start with battle sounds as Lion.Kanzen suggested)
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