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  1. Well, that's probably a good thing. Test for both the best and the worst.
  2. "I am always here." Ah, Battle Realms. Probably not, but it's what jumped to mind, really. I vaguely wonder, however, how the missions themselves will play out. I suppose we can worry about that when the time comes to actually make them and the campaign. Which is probably years away.
  3. Given the size of the Stone/Currency Deposits, I see Empire Earth.
  4. All matches were Gerudo Oasis. Chance, or design?
  5. Kokiri lack a building tree in the help. I note it because the Gohma have theirs in place. Kokiri Hunting Foxes can't actually hunt. Despite their Hack damage supposedly being 7, they do 1 damage per strike. That's bad even against something like a bunny, let alone something like the stags in Kokiri Forest. The Kokiri nuilding upgrades want something saying what the upgrade does on the upgrade. Some you can guess, others, not so much. "Adds a Community Houses, increasing the population cap by 10." The help states the Kokiri are meant to be spawning trees to harvest in their territory(Ah, Gaia). I'm not sure they actually are. It seems Food must be dropped at the main building-they can't drop it at the Market Grove. Gohma Extra Limbs upgrade seems to have an unstated requirement on it.
  6. Janitors assure that a Gohma Hive is kept free of mess and operating to its best. They are slow and durable, but their large and powerful snapping jaws can carry heavy objects. They can carry dead corpses and snap trees in half. Hmm. Shades of the Synthetic from Alien vs Predator Extinction. They were the Marine detector, and also were the only unit strong enough to carry Turrets. An upgrade made them more combat-ready, but still a heavy scout.
  7. You could also do it the Battle for Middle Earth 1 way and just have earlier units be free of cost. It might be easier.
  8. That's hardly surprising given one of their heroes is an infested Mido. By plot, the Gohma end up destroying the Great Deku Tree. In the old Med2 Hyrule Total War, the two hate each other so intensely that each has the other as a victory target for the Short Campaign. One must destroy or outlive the other. Expect swarming melee that you don't care about, backed up by very heavy monsters that you do. Also eye beams.
  9. Hmm. It'll be interesting to see how they'll shake out. The Gorons and Zora have both ended up as Gods Of Food(Though the Gorons have a slow start), with the Zora being the only faction that can sustain unlimited warfare, space permitting, due to having both Food and Ore available infinitely.
  10. You don't realise how much space you clear when dealing with things like berries and trees till you have a faction(s) that don't. Space is often a concern. Zora Depository doesn't take food. I feel it should say so, if that's how it's meant to be. While the Zora can hunt and fish and take berries for food, they're functionally terrible at it over longer distances because it must be dropped at the main building. The Goron Rock Sirloin Mine is...confusing. Hear me out: You can farm it like a regular farm for Food. The building itself says it generates 1 food per 5 seconds. Your worker states he adds +1 food per second when garrisoned in a mine. And I'm not entirely certain whether half of this is working or not. And that's before the research that may or may not increase the trickle. Goron version of the Postman Network tech(Shared line of sight to allies) costs nothing, takes no time, and does nothing. The Gerudo version has a similar problem. Ruby Guard have no attack, only a capture attack. Thus, they cannot actually fight units and defend their territory. The 'no attack' thing also applies to Armos. It's kinda hard to work out what you actually need to build to get the Gorons to City. This is mainly because only the Hot Springs is marked 'Town'. Similar is true for the Zora. Sometimes I get error spam, sometimes I don't. I wish I could say why and how. Given half a chance, I'd let Lon Lon build houses and grow(But then I'm always weird like that). Can't work out how I'd do that. Goron AI doesn't play well with Peahats. It will ignore them entirely, and possibly have entire masses of workers doing other things chopped to pieces. The Tribal Monks say they naturally regen-thus the only Goron unit to recover health. I don't believe they do currently. They have no regen listed in their stats, and I've watched them and not seen a single point of health recovered. Zora River map; there are fish in the ground. South east of the standard start point. Neither of the +1 Gatherer techs for Zora Fisheries and Coralmold Beds seem to work.
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