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  1. First of all, congrats!!!!!!! I've been following the development of the game for a long time, and it's amazing to see how it's getting better and better! the game is beautiful! water is insanely great, textures are really well worked (I even used some of those textures to mod another game, and I know how they are, so I'm really amazed at the quality you got out from them) I totally understand there's lots of things to be implemented, and maybe this you already know, but just in case here it goes: 1) on the island maps, I built a port on the shore, and if I built it too close to the shore, all ships that I constructed would be "born" on the limits of water and shore....and then they could only move inland....and could not "sail" on water... just as if they were troops....or even worst, as troops can go deep on water, this ships couldn't. I built another shipyard deeper, and didn't have that problem 2)formations are of course still on the works....so the fact that units go ultra fast backwards or forward to keep formations, I'm pretty sure you are aware of... it's just their speed is modified to get into formation, I think if just the engine couldn't modify their speed, that would solve it... 3)units don't autodefend, that is you attack an enemy formation that is marching with the AI to attack a certain objective, and they don't defend themselves until they reach their objective point (of course probably this is like this as AI is still minimal 4)Are you guysgoing to implement a certain dot/cross animation where you hit with mouse to indicate where units are going to march to? it's really helpful in this kind of games to have that crosshair objective direction to know the computer understood your directions.... 5)the radium of pinpoint of the mouse is kind of large...for example you click on the ground to make your units move there, but there's a nearby tree in the foreground, and units will go to axe the tree, even though the mouse was clicked on the ground...kind of the mouse point being too wide....and not very precise. other than that, and the obvious wip state of the game, wow....AMAZING~!!!!!!!! great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. loved the celts!! though they get beaten really easily by the greek hoplites, is it because in Delphi's level the hoplites are really elite ones? tried recruiting some heros and celt elite troops and even then got beaten easily. Will it be balanced later one? amazing buildings, units and textures though!
  3. wow!!!!! amazing graphics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was drooling at the units, water, flora, textures..models, everything!!! amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had a hard time with rotating camera with the control keys though, I guess it takes time to get used to. formations are not implemented yet no? because I noticed in some screenshots you used them but couldn't figure how to use them in-game really really amazing job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hooray!!!hooray!!!!hooray!!!!
  4. shhhhh....you don't want them to realize that.... hahaha
  5. would that track sound when a battle is on? would it be possible to silence music in preferences?
  6. sign me up!!!! awesome magazine carlos bar 37 and I live in the USA, looks amazing!
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