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  1. I have not used a bad word, I think . I wanted to ask how long there is the tutorial in the game?
  2. ok? why Symbols for the word meaning " just like that"
  3. ok, then i hope the people see @#$% a Hindu symbol
  4. Hi, I downloaded the game yesterday and played the tutorial. I come through but I had to things double, example the part after you bild the farm . Text says in kind of " let´s wait until the 2 women have built the 2 houses to the end" . They were finished before the start of this text. I can´t go on until I built another house to go on, normal it should go on by itself I assume . Same case with the fields and the time were I should kill the Goats with the rider I've already done that , I'm glad to have found one where else , would all be dead before I can´t go on and must start again . Not bad but disturbing/ upsetting . ( I'm assuming that you have the latest version of the game when you download it. I don´t now for sure, is my first time, the testing ) Maybe after a certain time you can just make the button that goes on to the next text? Which I wanted to say to the Swastika, in germay one is very strict forbidden, nazi signs and what has to do with it. We have a kind authority/ office for Gams to look and check for something like dis. They will write to you and say that you have to change the Swastika in the German version in order to sell it in Germany. Or it may not be allowed If you refuses. Provided they find it . The are also control from which age it is suitable, so there fore look very closely. It was already changed many games because of something like that.
  5. hi , hi, I´m new her and hop ich make no mistaks. It is my first time on dis kind of thing. Corrected me Please should write something in the wrong area/Forum or similar . I live in germany and the name is the gamer name i have on dis place .
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