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  1. Of course it is heuristic. Players are rock paper scissors against each other anyway depending on playstyles, but you have got to draw up some heuristic buckets for balance, which need not be perfect. If you think about it, that is how you balance in your everyday game - you heuristically assign strength to each player... the organizers make the buckets.
  2. I think it would be pretty cool to have a 4v4 tournament considering how popular 4v4 matches are in 0ad. But how to balance? i.e how to prevent borg, Felfeld, Rauls and Valihrant from forming a team? What i thought is one might divide players into buckets, and then teams can have at most 1 player from the top bucket, at most 2 from the top 2 buckets, at most 3 from the top 3 buckets and so on.. For example, we could have: bucket 1: borg, Felfeld, Rauls, Valihrant, chrstgtr, baduso, faction, Stockfish, ... etc bucket 2: Boudica, Ricsand, Edwarf, kizitom, Unknown Player, Carthage, ffm,
  3. It would be nice if some good players do commentaries of games and put them on YouTube.. as far as I looked there were mostly new players who do not really know the game who made videos.
  4. Upon request from Boudica, I will upload the game Tiber7 (Iberians) vs 9025201729 (Mauryans). Map = Rhineland marshlands, size = medium. Civs: Chosen by both players. Popcap = 200. metadata.jsonmetadata.json metadata.json commands.txt
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