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  1. It's funny how everything, when somebody doesn't like it, gets compared to N*zi Germany. Someone could say that the USA, prioricing 'democracy' among stability in the countries they invade (comes out none of them has reached democracy or freedom) instead of the stability they had, has ruined those countries (we can talk about Iraq, Syria, Libia, but also about the one which has the most recent events: Afganistan). None of those countries were n*zis, indeed most of them were Socialists, also China is socialist. Comparing every country that has an authotitarian regime with N*zi Germany is just not ok. The USSR was authoritarian and they encountered and defeated Germany. China do the same than the USSR, but somehow that article compares them to N*zi Germany, why? Just because they think they can scare people mentioning H*tler? I think thats a fallacy. We can debate and assume we don't share a point of view, even critizise China, but do it without appealing to the devil, that vitiates the debate.
  2. There's the 'Thucydides trap' which suggests that there's a tendency in History so that when a great power feels threatened by an emerging power the war between them is almost inevitable, and could be the case we are about to presence in a few years. USA considers China its threaten number 1, and China is progressively demonstrating to be a country that can compete with USA hegemony. In Africa, for example, China is developing which is called 'soft power', and progressively disconecting african economies from western industries by 'developing' their economies and infraestructures. I think it's curious how wester countries see China as a threat (in a military way) while the most belligerant country in History, the one who invades or intercede in any country that don't follow their way is a Western country. China hasn't entered or damage any other nation sovereignty, not as the Western countries. Not saying China is an example of anything, it's pretty obvious that their civil rights and political freedom is highly damaged, but they've priorized colective wealth (almost 800 million people have escaped from poverty in decades and the wealth in the country is growing really fast) and (geo)political stability among other, and that's also a way to concieve freedom, since a person is also free when they have a job, a house, they can raise a family without being worried for their economic future, people living in rural zones can send their children to universities, people get highly educated... Offer both ways of 'freedom' in Africa o underdeveloped countries and we'll see what they prefer. At the end, things are not always as they tell us, and between that color range that only sees black and white is a bunch of grey tonalities.
  3. Creo que hasta que no salga el juego completo y esto empiece a coger fuerza poco sentido tendrán foros de habla hispana u otras lenguas, ya que la comunidad es muy pequeña. Yo diría que es mejor esperar e ir utilizando este foro hasta que la comunidad crezca con el juego en su última fase.
  4. Otro más que habla castellano por aquí!
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