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  1. How many seperated objects can be used for one game model? I use now only ingame textures, but i need more than 3 textures they i like. So i split model currently to 4 parts and i use some hellenistic textures from the game. They are still in dds format but it is not problem. I need just one new texture for lion head and cloth maybe 256x256, nothing so big. I remowed tiles and used more dirty textures from hellens structure. Collumn see i only on one texture hele_struct_2 and other parts are very clean for workshop, thats it why i need so many parts with different textures. I quest there is not problem for Ram or long loading so can i split to 4 parts or how to figure it out?
  2. hele_struct_b is 1024x512, why? can i use this texture or is something wrong?
  3. #3 i am just happy that i figure it with blender out
  4. ok, my 3ds max export wont work, but blender very well other questions: how to load png with alpha? how to add 2 meshes on the same anchor?
  5. i would make some tests with terrain editor and i have no experiences with editor, so i follow my first tutorial here http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Basic3DImplementation but i cant add model to editor, i says some xml error i use 3ds max 2014 with collada include, i export model to C:\0ADSVN\data\mods\public\art\meshes\props as wrld_create_test.dae and texture to C:\0ADSVN\data\mods\public\art\textures\skins\props as crate_test.png model is cube 4x4 generic units Where can i find instructions for 3ds max?
  6. Ich hielte diese Idee längst im Kompf, aber trotzdem befürchtete ich, ob es wieder 'ne Zeitverschwendung wird, zwar im Endefekt das auch schön wirken kann. good idea... :-P
  7. i create first concept of construction, ideas are welcome. Please close my application and move this thread to other Forum. there is my thread for 0ad http://dragonheaven.de/Low_Poly.html german is still better for me
  8. My problem is find something, for example i go to gaia folder and here have i 2 different files of one animation, i use max files and they are not synchronised yet with blend files so maybe can it be big problem to synchronise my workflow when i am 3dsmax user, i will help, but it seems very hard to me. When i make only models , there is it no problem additional rescale of units and link the props or something dumb. I open now many of max files and there see i it very clearly, one horse need new animation... Or i can animate something new for beginning to understand yours workflow hmm maybe tornado.
  9. so in addition I can make animation of dying bear, but I dont use character studio- its too old for me, I use only standard bones or cat bones. If I get mesh, I can make animation with muscles, skin, etc.. hmm and that bear is very low poly so i would make retopo too, animation for attack can be more dangerous so maybe he come on two leg and attack with both hands
  10. Concept of worker for 0ad, i try couple of other animations.
  11. Danke i am still work on it... just click
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