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  1. Are default maps only land maps? If yes, then I am with you.
  2. If this would be the case then he couldn't host I guess.
  3. You can add non-steam games to your library: So your friends can see what you are playing and to use the steam overlay.
  4. I recently made some steam grid images for 0 A.D. How it may look like: Standard size for stream grid images is 460x215. How to use a steam grid image?
  5. Hey people, I just wanted to know that there is a 0 A.D. subreddit for over 3 years now but there is not much content at the moment there and it has only 218 subscribers(2015-11-09). (468 subscriber as for 2016-11-05) Here is the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/0AD/ Subreddit traffic if someone is interested:
  6. His router is pretty old, its from 2005 (iirc last updated 2007) I think and it doesn't seem to have any updates. But the thing is that the guy can host and we can connect to him but he can't connect to yannick - well technically he can, I guess, but he doesn't see the map in the top right corner and doesn't load into the came when Yannick presses "Start game". We wouldn't like to let him host since he has a weak processor and we can't build walls, like Yannick mentioned before. Any idea what it could be exactly?
  7. We took a look at the router setting but we didn't found anything that could be useful.
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