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  1. yes it is feel free to test it (and give feedback how to improve it), it should be balanced
  2. @SmileUnit: wenn du willst kann ichs ├╝bersetzen, auch wenn ich selbst keine Ahnung von der Materie habe
  3. After playing several matches I have some suggestions: When the red player completed the CC in the middle, the tower of the yellow player was isolated and went down. The players were in the same team. I suggest that buildings shouldn't loose health when they get enclosed by allied territory.Instead of focussion on enemy units, some parts of my army (the enemy troops were in their line of sight) were attacking buildings and a boar. Maybe it's possible to add attacking priorities to the units.The AI (Petra on hard/hardest) often attacks with small parts of their army instead of a massive attack and stops at the front of my territory, attacking towers, houses etc. I know it's difficult to implement, but the AI would be much more dangerous if it learns to break through the first defense line and to rush, maybe even do a quick cavalry rush and retreat. Or to do a massive strike on key buildings like CC, fortresses and barracks.The AI doesn't know when to retreat. Even when outnumbered the troops fight to the death, instead of retreating to protective areas, like own towers or regrouping. Same thing when buldings under construction are attacked and destroyed. The AI should be capable to delete them and get some ressources back.
  4. Atlas just tries to load the map and the message 'pyrogenesis doesn't respond' appears When I try to start a game (single player -> matches), pyrogenesis shows message 1 '(error while formatting error message)'. I didn't even select a map, the problem occurs when the program loads all possible maps from which to select. When clicking continue or supress, I get to the normal game menu and I can select the changed map. When clicking start game, message 2 appears and I get back to the starting page. I changed: actor|props/flora/bush_tempe_me.xml actor|props/flora/bush_tempe_me_lush.xml actor|props/flora/bush_tempe_a.xml actor|props/flora/bush_tempe_b.xml to gaia/flora_bush_temperate 0 and actor|props/flora/bush_tempe_la.xml actor|props/flora/bush_tempe_la_lush.xml to gaia/flora_bush_badlands 0
  5. great idea, but atlas crashes when loading the map
  6. I don't know if it's realisable, but I have two ideas to improve atlas to make smoother and more realistic maps. (1) Layer system At first the bedrock(s) and soils should be defined. Multiple bedrocks could be possible if it's composed of different sediments. Like the soils, their appearence can be restricted to specific heights.Add the biome with basic textures: grass, shrub, plants, sand, forestfloor, cliffs and roads. (first layer)Implement the second layer. This could be to remove 25%, 50% and 75% of the first layer, so that the soil (dirt, clay) or the rock appear or to add 25%, 50% or 75% of snow or gravel/stones to the first layer. This way the transition between the main textures would be smoother. For example adding gravel and stones below a cliff, slope texturing with a percentage of rock/cliff or giving the map a touch of snow without changing the whole map.(2) Biome ageing Instead of having many different textures it would be easier to melt them down to basic textures. For example the temperate biome: dense grass, thin grass, grass herbal, grass clovers, grass mossy, grass plants, plants.Implement an ageing status (like "sky set"), for the temperate biome this could be: spring, early summer, late summer, autumn, winter no snow, winter medium snow, winter much snow. In spring the grass would be fresh and green, some parts might be flooded or wet. In spring and early summer some flowers might be added to the textures. In early summer the grass is taller and darker. In late summer the grass dries and in autumn it browns and deciduous trees change colour. In autumn and winter the layersystem of point 1 could be usefull to reveal mud/dirt and add snow. The ageing could also occure depending the isohypses.Other biomes could work similarly. Like dry season, early wet season (short grass) and late wet season (tall grass) for the subtropics (India, Sahel, south China, Mesoamerica) and steppe (+winter). Or spring, early s., late s., autumn and winter (rainy) for the mediterranean.I think these ideas could improve the random map creation and make life easier for manual map designing. What do you think?
  7. Thanks I created all the bushes as actors, is it possible to change them to entities?
  8. Northern Highlands (2v2).zip (bushes changed from actor to entities. Thanks Ieper)
  9. is there a possibility to adapt the grass to the slope? And my second question: What do the post-processing settings do and which one should I choose?
  10. I agree with Zak, hotkeys are important. At least the important buildings should get a hotkey. Maybe you could copy the ides of aoe. b (build) + building hotkey (b = barracks, c = civic centre, f=fortress, h=house, s=blacksmith and so on). to skip to a building would be the building hotkey and spacebar to centre the map. Addition to the third suggestion: add in a sign (like I II III) or change the emblem colour in the top bar. Just as an additional hint for the players. Is there a techtree implemented? If yes, how do find it?
  11. Thanks! I couldn't decide whether the map is more suited for 2 or 4 players, so I just did three versions edit: the screenshots are too large to be attached...
  12. I did a northern highlands map, but how can I upload it? I don't find an attachment button
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